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The truth is in numbers

Around 400 program affiliates

More than $1 600 000 distributed

$4000+ average monthly earnings

87% of affiliates are active

What Is In It For You?


Whether it’s just $2 000 or hefty $5 000 – you decide how much to earn.


Get commissions on all future purchases by the customer you refer to us.


Get regular monthly payouts once the minimum of $50 on balance is met.


Level related rise in commissions allows top affiliates have maximum profits.


Absolute beginner or a marketing pro, intuitive system keeps the process simple to use.


All the transactions made by referrals and account balance are displayed on a dashboard.

Climb Aboard!


Get a minute to register as an affiliate. Get another couple of minutes to familiarize yourself with your new account and its user-friendly dashboard.


Grab your friendly affiliate link and start earning commissions from every purchase referrer makes. Post the link whenever you choose to.


Gain an In-store credit for FREE FeedPixel services, or receive a payout on your PayPal account, once you met the minimum of $50 on your balance.


What do I need to become FeedPixel affiliate?

The only thing you need to start earning as an affiliate is a PayPal account, FeedPixel Affiliate Account and a burning desire to make huge profits. Your geographical location, age or financial status does not matter! Earn however you want! Don’t have affiliate account? Claim it now for FREE by clicking Join Us.

How do I know if it’s not a fraud?

To ensure the Program high credibility rating FeedPixel displays every purchase made by a referrer with an affiliate specific link on the dashboard of affiliate account. We stand by our promises and disclose earnings and orders tracking to guarantee affiliates best experience with us.

Where can I promote the services?

It really is up to you. Most of the affiliates tend to promote on their websites and social media. Those who does not run their own blogs, frequently post referral links on niche specific websites, forums, channels, or interest groups elsewhere online. You may place links wherever you like provided it is permitted by platform policies.

How do you track the sales coming from the referral link?

It is done automatically by the cookie system. When signing up as an affiliate you receive an affiliate specific link through which the all purchases are being tracked. What’s more, it is disclosed for affiliates and is visible in their accounts (on the dashboard) so that you witness potential earnings.

How much can I earn as an affiliate?

Depending on the level you are on, and the amount of purchases referrers make, your earnings may be as much as $5 000+. When registering(Level 1), your commissions are at 10% of any purchase done through affiliate specific link on Once the number of referrers reach 25 and the collective sum spend on any of FeedPixel services hit 100 USD your comission rate jumps to 15%. Level 3 affiliate enjoys 20% of the sales as long as 50 sales deals are closed at a minimum of 250 USD in total. Level 4 needs just 100 referrers, reaching a total sum of 1000 USD to earn 25% of every purchase through affiliate specific link. Top performers earn highest profits and get in-store credits for products. Sky’s the limit!

How and when do I get paid?

You will receive affiliate payouts on your PayPal account within a first half of every month once a minimum Affiliate Account balance of 50 USD is met. If the sum is less than 50 by the end of each month, the payouts are automatically transitioned for the next month to be paid. Your current account balance and all the transactions done by the customers you refer to FeedPixel are disclosed on the dashboard for ease of use.