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Do you want your videos to reach more people? Buy YouTube views from FeedPixel to generate social proof and get more organic views fast. Wait no more, real YouTube views from users around the world are within reach of every vlogger, business owner, or a future influencer


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How To Buy YouTube Views

Ready to buy YouTube views? 200 000+ views are safely delivered every day from FeedPixel. Loyalty credits from every purchase, dedicated support agent, and real YouTube views guarantee you best experience and organic growth. Why wait any longer?

Step 1

Choose the amount of YouTube views you want clicking on the right package: from 1k up to 25k. Or use YouTube Package Builder for custom amounts.

Step 2

Copy-paste the URL link of a video to deliver the views on. Note, incorrect links and videos which are not public may cause delays in order completion.

Step 3

Proceed to Checkout to pay with PayPal, credit/debit cards, or cryptocurrency. We work with more than 50 payment processors in 93 countries and regions.


Still wondering how to buy YouTutbe Views? Let the video guide get you through step-by-step.

Why Us

If you ever dreamed of gaining hundreds of video views on YouTube, tried a bunch of cheap views, but never got organic views, FeedPixel might be your choice. Buying views on YouTube has already helped thousands of YouTubers grow channel authority and attract new views and subscribers.


No partial processing, unfulfilled orders and disappointment. Because all orders are processed manually, chances your order is unfulfilled are one in a million.


From the order placement to the payment to its delivery, we make sure everything is safe and organic. To avoid security issues we never ask your channel password.


We make sure you buy YouTube views of high quality. All views come from YouTube users of different age and gender watching from different locations and devices.


Unlike dubious services, buying YouTube views from FeedPixel you get premium service at an affordable price. For as little as $5.99 you buy 1000 YouTube views.


Buying views on YouTube improves visibility of a video and increases the number of views organically. Thousands of views signal value content to viewers.


Responsive support is available 24 hours 7 days a week via the Live Chat, emailing to [email protected], DMs on Instagram and Whatsapp.

Why Buy YouTube Views

No matter the benefits, there will always be those who argue against buying views on YouTube. Before you say a firm “No” to it, make sure you know why millions of YouTubers secretly buy YouTube views.

#1 Social proof

You may just want to boost YouTube views, but what those thousand, or ten thousand views do to you is called social proof. Ask yourself how many times you’ve clicked on a video seeing million views on it. Hundreds of times, most probably. Have you ever thought what all those viewers have found in that video? The same effect YouTube views will have on your video. Social proof is an invisible force that makes us copy what others are doing. Because numbers always matter when it comes to social media.

#2 Organic growth

From the years of our YouTube presence, buying even a handful of views regularly inevitably leads to organic growth. Not only because of the “social proof” effect we mentioned above but for the YouTube algorithm. To better understand this, think of the YouTube algorithm as a supermarket with all those candies, chips, and soft drinks. Every time a new chocolate flavour is brought, it calculates the purchases made to decide if more chocolate of that flavour has to be brought. When a new video is released it is pushed to a small group of random viewers to watch their reaction. The more views a video gains right of the bat, the more chances of the algorithm pushing it further. This is especially true for new channels on YouTube. Over the years 300+ YouTube channels were grown in size thanks to ral views from FeedPixel.

#3 Channel authority

People may argue that content is the king, but channel authority is the crown this king wears. While it is content and its value that turns viewers into subscribers, it is the channel’s authority that pushes it forward. Wondering what channel authority is? The total number of views, subscribers, videos, and the channel’s age altogether are the key factors that influence authority on YouTube. And while regular uploads and channe’s age depend on how determined you are to grow your channel, views and subscribers are hard to increase. It often takes months to get any visible growth unless you buy YouTube views. Choosing FeedPixel you buy real views from users around the world. You can also buy YouTube subscribers to speed up channel growth.

#4 Channel monetization

You should know that some YouTubers not only enjoy side income but live off YouTube paycheck. Once you reach 1000 subscribers, 4000 watch hours over the last 12 months, and are 18 years old and older you can apply for the YouTube Partners Program. Buying YouTube views won’t monetize your channel directly but it gives a necessary boost to your content to be seen by users. Thus, indirectly increasing exposure, improving channel authority, and letting you grow subscribers.

Buy YouTube Views The Right Way

There are people who buy YouTube views 2-3 times a day (depending on how many videos they upload). But many more who buy views once in a while. As for our stats, both have seen changes in the number of organic views and engagement. (PIC) Depending on posting frequency and your goals, here is when buying YouTube views makes more sense.

#1 New channels

As of 2019, there are 31 million channels on YouTube, and 500+ hours of content is uploaded every minute. Being a new YouTuber is growing harder year-after-year. You can upload quality videos in the best hours, but because there are tens of thousands of videos with similar content released every minute you won’t get much attention. That’s why dozens of new channels buy YouTube views daily. Let us help you maximize the“social proof” effect, stable organic growth, and the growing channel authority.

#2 Corporate channels

There isn’t a harder thing than growing a corporate channel on YouTube. Unless you spend some hefty bucks on editing, optimizing, and promoting your channel, chances are YouTube channel is not going to hit a million views record. Buying real views on YouTube from a credible source, helps hundreds of businesses grow exposure and reach. If you are like hundreds of other small business owners who want to grow a brand on YouTube, FeedPixel might be your solution.

#3 Content refresh

Did you get stuck with your videos? We see dozens of good quality videos that never get any feasible views for no reason. Except for no views. While that may be because of lack of YouTube SEO, views are also the key factor in video rankings. Dealing with new and established YouTubers, we suggest you buy YouTube views not only for new but for some of the earlier uploaded videos. Some YouTubers also reupload old content and optimize titles and descriptions with the minimum changes. This could breathe a new life into your old videos.

#4 Exclusive videos

Even though you push hard to bring the best, not every video is unique, properly edited and optimized. For those which are, you can buy YouTube views to score better on the algorithm’s first evaluation. Once a video gets quite a few views, likes, and impressions, the algorithm pushes it forward through suggested and related videos. The more views and engagements it gets, the more it is watched by the audience. While there’s no magic formula to guarantee your success, and content and editing is everything, YouTube video views help you get noticed.

YouTube Views







FeedPixel FAQ | YouTube Views

Is buying YouTube views safe?

We are not to lie to you, it can be both risky and safe. Buying YouTube views pay attention to where you buy them from. It makes sense to keep some basic precautions in mind when getting more views on your videos.

  • Read reviews before buying any views;
  • Real views are usually not cheap because of incentive paid out to viewers;
  • Instant views can cause video removal and/or account suspension;
  • Switch off channel monetization(if any) while the delivery;
  • Do not provide any password, or login credentials to any providers or friends;
  • When views are cheap you risk buying views in large quantities which can be suspicious;

Being one of the most trusted services for years, we are confident you will find us a match.

How to get views on YouTube organically?

There are multiple ways you can gain views organically: from nailing up your editing skills to posting in the right time to keyword-optimizing your video description and title.

But the real dealmaker is buying the first few thousand views to give your content a head start. To understand why this works get to know the YouTube algorithm.

The goal behind creating the algorithm is only serving videos which are likely to keep viewers engaged. Keep them watching more, suggesting videos to watch next, etc. For this reason a video with a number of views suggests that users are liking the content, so the algorithm pushes it further for more people to like, watch, and perhaps, share. So, why not to give your videos a slight edge over thousands of others? Use Package builder if you want to buy YouTube likes, or add a handful of subscribers.

What is the best site to buy YouTube views?

If you are looking for a service which puts customers first, your search is over. 300+ customers are buying YouTube views from FeedPixel each month. Want to see reasons why? Here, you have them down below.

  • No hidden fees, the charge you see on the checkout is final;
  • Best, you earn redeemable loyalty credits to use on your next purchase;
  • Helpline support is here for all customers 24/7: Live Chat, email, Whatsapp, DM on Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, etc.;
  • Real views from users with reach, watch history, and account activity;
  • Views are send in small batches to keep the delivery safe;
  • Custom Package Builder to swap multiple order placement to all-inclusive;
  • No identities are disclosed and no personal data is sold to third parties;
  • Easy billing via PayPal, credit cards, or crypto coi

How do YouTube views I buy work?

When you buy YouTube views they work both ways: for viewers and for the YouTube algorithm.

For viewers: the more views you have on your video(and collectively on channel), the more attracted users to that video. Any good number of views, subs, likes, or comments is seen as a proof and people are more likely to watch a video than another one without.

For the algorithm: views, likes, comments, and shares undoubtedly are ranking factors that help youtube measure the content’s worth. The more views you have on YouTube, the more authoritative your channel is. Established YouTubers claim that views are the fastest way to grow video rankings. Because they are easier to get compared to likes or comments for example. Anyway, start by growing views count before getting likes for your video to keep engagement organic.

Do you need my password?

No. Because of the rising issue of stolen identities, hacked accounts, and fake profiles, we never ask for YouTube password or a direct access to your Google account. More, the system we use identifies an account by the @username you provide, or a video by its URL link. Once we are able to locate your profile we send the views to it outside of your account. Note, stay away from the service which is asking for login credentials. Even if the account is seemingly not hacked, your personal info can be transferred to third parties.

How can I pay for my views?

You can buy YouTube views with PayPal, credit or debit card. We are also accepting crypto coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), (Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Libra (LIBRA), Monero (XMR), and other coins. The cards we are accepting are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB, etc. Unsure if you can pay for views with your card?  Try it out. If you are getting payment cancelled, experience any payment issues, or have questions to ask, feel free to reach out to the support via Live Chat, email at [email protected]You can also DM FeedPixel on Instagram or Twitter.

How fast is the delivery?

It is fast and organic with only natural ways used. Regular delivery time is 12-48 hours, but most customers get in less time.The delivery time still can take longer during YouTube algorithm updates, and at peak times. To understand better read our Delivery Terms. Be informed that we do not provide instant views that cause suspicion and put accounts at risk. Our system automatically determines the speed for individual accounts and then it is adjusted and monitored throughout the delivery by the assigned agent. With FeedPixel you can buy YouTube views in any amount safely and easily.

What Package Builder is for?

Because the majority of our customers are small business owners and social media managers, who want a one-click solution we introduced the Package Builder. It allows users to build up custom bundles with views, likes, subscribers, and comments inside. Package Builder is used to save time on placing multiple orders. The amounts of views, likes, and subscribers are just as they are seen in corresponding packages. The only difference is that you can sum up any YouTube services into one custom order.


We buy YouTube services since this site’s launch starting from making small affiliate commissions. Four and a half years later we pay affiliate commissions to other YouTubers promoting our design studio. This is a good service for every driven person serious about channels on YouTube. We tried views, and rest and saw increase in watch time, organic traffic, sales, and interest in our service.

Pitt & Tara

In the beginning I thought it won’t work. So i kind of surprised that my video tripled views number since i bought first views

Kai McCain

Views came in 12 hours. Absolutely satisfied


I bought the views for a fundraiser video to bring more awareness about people living on edge. From the point of moral this can be questionable but it helped generate ten times more views and promote video. Besides, talking to support was a pleasant experience. Thanks for good support and legit views

Shai Claremont

Views are decent. If you are wondering how long they last it is between 30 ans 90 seconds which is good for bough news. I’ve tried a few others and they didn’t last longer than 30 seconds, most of them came off the following days. Happy to leave 5 stars

Lena Karaseva

This site is great! A bit on the slow side but worth every dollar I paid. I’m buying views evry time I post video and so far have zero issues with it. Thanks to pixel i am able to hit first 100k views this November, and look forward trying the likes and subs to get faster.