Buy YouTube Comments [Random and Custom Comments]

Do you want to keep more viewers engaged, boost video rankings, and build your brand reputation? Buy YouTube comments randomly posted by users from around the world, or write yours and submit. Nearly 100 000 comments have been safely delivered over the last few years by FeedPixel. Redeemable loyalty credits, fast organic delivery, and customer privacy is why 89% are repeat customers. It’s time to choose the service which puts customers first!


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  • Real & Active People
  • 100% Safe
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How To Buy YouTube Comments

Want to buy comments for your video but don’t know where to start? Whether you buy custom YouTube comments or select random, the buying process boils down to three steps. Follow the guidelines below to place your first order.

Step 1

Choose a number of comments. If you have lots of negative comments on your video, buying custom comments with some likes is suggested.

Step 2

Enter the URL link to a YouTube video you want the comments on. Check if the link is working and a video is public. Do not provide any password.

Step 3

Pay for your order via PayPal, major credit/debit cards, or crypto coins. 50+ payment processors we work with guarantee a seamless transaction.

Why Us

Want to know why 500+ channels choose FeedPixel as one-stop-shop for random and custom comments, real likes and subscribers? Browse premium packages, shop at discounted price, and enjoy our privacy promise. We are sure we have the perfect fit for you.


Adjustable delivery speed and assigned agent ensures comments appear naturally. The delivery speed varies from video to video based on channel age, video rankings, etc.


When you buy Instagram comments, they are posted by real Instagram users of different ages and gender from worldwide locations. Real comments ensure high safety standards and 80% of returning customers.


From 50+ payment processors to redeemable loyalty credits, FeedPixel makes payment easy and safe. Pay for your purchase with PayPal, debit/credit card, or cryptocurrency.


Buying comments on YouTube you care about your privacy and reputation. Non-disclosure of order and channel details, and your billing data is the promise we stand by.


We remove any repeated or dumb comments to keep high standards of real comments. Each order is processed manually to make sure users post genuine comments.


Reach support 24 hours, 7 days a week via the Live Chat, email at [email protected], make a Free Call at 8-800, or Order a Call Back from a customer service professional.

When Buying YouTube Comments Is Suggested

We are not pitching comments to everyone. After all it is you who decides if you need more comments on a video or not. Yet in some cases custom YouTube comments from real people can make the difference.

#Boost Video Rankings

You have talent, skills to share, or first-hand experience to benefit others while monetizing your views. So you upload and wait for people to watch. But no views come in weeks. Why?

Most probably because of low video rankings. Really, why would you expect viewers to pass 50+ videos just to watch yours?

Because comments are key factors in video rankings, the YouTube algorithm puts well-commented, liked, or shared  videos above other content. It indicates viewers’ engagement even more than just “smashing the like button” that every creator asks in a video. Over the years working with new and established channels on YouTube, we have found that decent commenting could boost video rankings 20+ points in just a few weeks. Buy YouTube comments to get ahead of dozens of videos.

#Gain More Views

With so much content easily available on YouTube, viewers are eager to see how others react to a certain video before they watch it in full. How many times have you ended up tapping on the comment section to read funny reactions, genuine enjoyment, or downright complaints?

Comments play an even bigger role if your video is long. Not everyone has the patience to watch minutes of mind control unless others seem to like it. That said, content matters. When you buy YouTube comments for a new video you simply give it a boost over hundreds of other videos without the comments or likes.

To keep the views coming in you still have to have an interesting topic, decent editing, catchy title and thumbnail. Adding a couple of hundred likes is suggested to keep organic likes to comments ratio. Note, you can buy YouTube likes with impressions and reach at FeedPixel in a few clicks if you need.

#Restore Reputation

Nothing can be more damaging than trolls on YouTube. While you can ban those people from commenting and delete their comments, managing reputation is not an easy task. Many businesses, full-time vloggers, and YouTubers buy custom comments instead to sway users’ opinion to the positive side.

With scheduled uploads, outreach, and content creation social media managers and small business owners have a lot to juggle these days. We take commenting off your plate. Simply write as many encouraging comments as you want to see on your post, and submit to FeedPixel.

After a brief check, an assigned agent will submit the comments to real users from our database to post on your video. When you buy YouTube comments from FeedPixel you can be sure all users are of different gender and age, and have unique IP addresses from international locations. This makes comments appear naturally and has never led to account suspension or video removal.

#Encourage Subscribers

Sometimes your fans need just a little push to start leaving comments. Because likes are easier to leave and keep viewers private, many subscribers would rather hit the Like button than type in a couple of words.

This may change though when a great video is out and subscribers see others commenting. Buying custom comments on YouTube you could trigger emotions and push them to leap into action. Buy YouTube comments for new videos with negative comments, few likes, or a channel with a few hundred subscribers. Note, if your channel has fewer than 100 subscribers and less than 1000 views, we recommend you buy YouTube subscribers first.

#Balance Out Views and Likes

Speaking of chance to buy YouTube comments cheap and real, it is easy to lose track of the algorithm. To keep the growth organic and safe, new channels should maintain the views to comments ratio on YouTube, which is about 0.05%. For every 1000 views there can be about 5 comments.

Typically, new videos also need to check YouTube views to likes ratio before any comments are purchased. Naturally, the likes to views ratio is roughly 4%. For every 100 views there are 4 likes. If views and likes are sufficient, but no comments appear, you may want to get YouTube comments. Balancing out the views and likes and keeping engagement high pays off with improved video rankings, impressions, and reach.

YouTube Comments







FeedPixel FAQ | YouTube Comments

What is the comments to views ratio on YouTube?

Naturally, comments and views are in a certain proportion on YouTube. Out of 100 totally new, 6-month old, and 12-month old channels 96% had between 3 to 5 comments per 1000 views. 

Put into percentage, that is 0.03-0.05%. That again depends on the niche your channel is in, the age of the channel, and the number of subscribers videos have. On highly controversial or trending videos it is possible to generate even more comments.

How to get comments on YouTube?

To get more comments on YouTube you don’t have to be the next break in the music industry. Getting comments on videos is all about engaging your viewers not only while a video is played but long after it is uploaded. 

It is often suggested that you should leave the comment first. Instead of asking the questions again, you could share your feelings, behind the scenes, and fun facts relevant to a video. 

Stand out from hundreds of other creators being quick to respond, and really getting to know your audience. You could reply, or give the creator’s heart for the best comments on a video. 

Then, if that is not enough, you can buy custom comments, providing the text for them. FeedPixel also offers random comments for YouTube videos when no text is required and users are commenting randomly.

What are the benefits of buying YouTube comments?

Out of many plus sides, higher engagement, views/comments ratio, and reputable brand image are among the biggest ones. YouTube comments are must for further growing likes, views, and comments. Coming directly from real users they indicate interest in creator’s content, pushing video rankings higher in search results. YouTube algorithm is more likely to suggest well-commented videos to new viewers whose interests match content. 

Occasionally, when lots of views appear on certain videos, a handful of comments is necessary to balance out the views. Also, despite YouTube’s best efforts, troll’s damaging impact is common these days. Oftentimes, competitors try to harm a company’s reputation posting negative comments about your business, character, or private life. In all these cases, positive comments can be bought to vindicate the creator.

Which comments are better random or custom?

FeedPixel provides both random and custom comments for YouTube. While it is up to you which you want, custom comments are preferred for promotional videos, course creators, affiliate marketers, and corporate channels. Every time a video is meant to attract potential customers, and not just views.

Emerging songwriters, rappers, and vloggers typically choose random comments. Not because they do not want to make money from YouTube videos, but because such comments are cheaper but still of good quality. Random positive comments trigger other reactions, making it easier for viewers to leave their encouraging” keep goin’ Joe”.

Will anyone know if I buy YouTube comments?

No. Customer privacy is one of the biggest priorities at FeedPixel. For that reason, you can be 100% sure that everything from your @username and video content you publish to purchasing history and payment details is kept private. We never sell personal information or any details associated with purchases you make at FeedPixel to third parties. 

We would love to share big-name YouTubers and some reputable companies who chose FeedPixel, but we stand by our promises. Disclosing names could instantly attract millions of creators struggling to grow YouTube channels but it will also destroy customer privacy. So, we won’t. Each customer has a private account with order history, personal info, and payment credentials visible only to them. We ask you never share your password with others to keep account private and safe.

How do you deliver comments if I buy?

Once you buy YouTube comments we assign the agent to manually process your order and monitor its delivery. While processing the agent checks out the URL link to your video and picks YouTube users from our database to distribute comments you wrote into the note section(for custom comments only). If random comments are ordered, the agent allows users to leave their own comments on video.  

All comments come from real users of different age and gender, with unique usernames and IP addresses. All users are rewarded for each action they take, be it commenting, liking, or subscribing, or watching certain videos, yet the matching system makes sure they are interested in videos they watch. That is our way to be sure your account is safe and all orders are fulfilled properly.

How fast is the delivery?

It is at our best interest to drop off the comments as fast as we can. The typical time for uploading comments on YouTube is 12-48 hours or less, although it depends on the processing queue, the size of the order, and accounts age. It does not depend on geographic location or content of a video though. 

In time of YouTube algorithm update, it delivery may take a little longer. This is happening because we constantly adjust the speed and the delivery algorithm to keep up with YouTube. Also, because the processing and delivery are manual, it is easier to keep comments come organically. The delivery speed is calculated automatically and then manually adjusted by an assigned social media agent. Want to ask a question? Feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

How to pay for YouTube comments?

FeedPixel’s payment system is one of the most flexible ones working with about 50 different payment processors. Taking into account geographic locations and banking systems, FeedPixel accepts PayPal, all major credit/debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB, etc), and cryptocurrency. All major crypto coins Bitcoin (BTC), (Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Libra (LIBRA), Monero (XMR), and other coins are accepted. If you are getting payment cancelled, experience other payment issues, or have other questions, feel free to reach out to the support team.


Recommend this service to anyone dealing with haters. Long ago I’ve released a video on mental health issues and was trolled. I could not believe a channel with hardly a hundred subs would have 40+ comments in a matter of days.All low that I had to write my own and buy this service. This helped a bit stop that. So, thanks


Random comments are decent. They came through to be short but definitely human written. Some of them have typos, but all are emotional and positive. I also like credit system that’s not much – just 40 cents but I can keep gaining to get free order later. Feels good:0

Mark Allen

They are slow, but good. A bit on the priceer side but better than others i tried. In fact, much better quality, no repeated or unrelated comments. Honestly glad pixel exist

Gennifer Son

So f*king great! I’ve spend my first fifty bucks on promotion but it feels natural ha-ha starting to believe I got all this without paying money lol . Good !!!

Meriam Nash