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What buying SoundCloud followers will give to me?

There are a number of benefits of buying followers on SoundCloud. A great number of followers signals that your tracks are appealing to many, recognized by audience, what’s more, you will acquire a lot many new followers and reactions as a direct result. In a nutshell, buying will save you time and effort, and put you into a star perspective, topping the charts.

Is buying followers/plays/comments/reposts is legal?

Yes. No law states that buying followers or downloads, or any other service is illegal. Many artists and professional musicians have bought followers and plays that helped them to kickstart their music career and take it onto a new level. FeedPixel abides by the SoundCloud rules and constantly updates the approach accordingly.

Will the followers I bought stay forever?

All real people on SoundCloud are as all other people online – they may unfollow or stay. They might stop following you if the updates you post change in any way. Another occasion you can lose your followers is when SoundCloud deletes your account completely. No worries this may happen only if you were not engaged on the platform for quite a bit. Let us know if you experience problems with followers, and we’ll refill those who left.

What is the purpose of buying SoundCloud plays?

Every successful artist shares in common one thing – vast fan base and extensive downloads/plays. In the industry with cut-throat competition it may pay off to buy more plays, likes and downloads to stand out. In fact, buying plays will bring you more listeners, their comments, likes and reposts, and obviously compositions going viral.

Why FeedPixel is the best option for all my SoundCloud needs?

With more than 20 thousand customers served all around the world, quality products and fastest delivery of the order, FeedPixel is a proudly credible service. Loyalty point program, custom order availability, and each clients’ personal assistant are unique characteristics to guarantee you fast and easy purchase. With lowest prices as a great addition, FeedPixel is the tempting offer you like to try.

What are the payment options?

Time does matter! Payment can be done in a number of ways – PayPal, credit cards, or cryptocurrency. When you select your purchase you may “Add it to cart”, or press “Proceed with Payment”. The next thing is to choose the billing option you like and you are about to be done. Pleasant bonus – the point system for returning customers allows you to exchange points for money to pay for the product.


Highly recommend FeedPixel! Tried all SoundCloud products! Amazing results – I was landed a contract with the best record company a few weeks after I bought 1000 followers and 1000 plays.

Donnie Hall

As a father and producer, I guess I am in charge of my son’s music career. He is a good boy with some talent, and he just needed a little backing. Of all other providers I have chosen FeedPixel, and was never disappointed. Previously I bought TikTok package and it worked well.

Kitty Knight

I am in a rock band with my college mate. We tried to get the maximum attention the natural way. But the only people who listened to our compositions were our mates from the Uni, plus parents and relatives. The songs we recorded weren’t even appear in the SoundCloud hot lists at all. So we bought downloads and plays first, then was advised to get followers as well. Just several days passed but the engagement is high.

Shiv Houghton

Positive impression from the first glance. I did not know what to buy so I contacted the Helpline support specialist which explained to me the benefits of each and every product they have on their SoundCloud page. Finally, I bought plays and downloads. And I hope to turn my SoundCloud account into a million fan following.

Ameena Christian

Guys! I wanna say a big thank you! My new producer was impressed with the large following and plays of my album. I feel hope to become a pop star, REALLY!

Tahir Tucker

Before FeedPixel my music talent was hardly ever known to anyone. Many years I tried to get into the top. Years back one of my songs went viral and I was expecting it to bring me a contract with Massari, but it did not. Disappointed I worked half-power. Today I feel I may be worthy of another contract as the songs are hitting up!

Rebekka Tanner