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Hi folks! Tired of waiting when tracks and playlists get more plays? No worries how to get more plays on Spotify any more. Pixel is here to help you privately buy Spotify plays for all albums and playlists. Artists love cheap Spotify promotion, loyalty discounts, and order privacy on FeedPixel. Let’s boost Spotify plays and streams, and wreck up the competition today.

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Spotify Promotion Packages

If you want to grow not only track and playlist plays, but saves and profile followers, buy Spotify promotion packages. All-in-one packages are tailored for emerging artists to quickly build reputation to engage listeners. More, choosing a promo pack you will save up to 20% each time you order.

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How To Buy Spotify Plays

Think you are ready to buy Spotify plays for your playlist or track to get ahead of competitors? Here is how new artists can increase Spotify plays and finally prove their talent to platform listeners. Getting more plays on Spotify is easier than you might think.

Step 1

Choose how many Spotify plays you want for your playlist. Or try all-in-one Spotify promotion packages with plays, saves, and followers.

Step 2

Copy and paste the URL link to your track, album, or playlist. We do not need your password or login details to deliver you the Spotify plays.

Step 3

Proceed to checkout. Because we work with 50+ payment processors, you can buy Spotify plays with PayPal, cards, or cryptocurrency coins.

Why FeedPixel

If you are struggling to showcase your talent, buy real Spotify plays to attract more listeners and followers to your streams, playlists and albums. A trusted all-in-one marketplace, FeedPixel offers the best Spotify services at the lowest prices. Responsive support, flexible discounts, and natural delivery are key reasons musicians and artists buy Spotify playlist plays from us. 


FeedPixel safely encrypts all customer details to keep orders private. Buying Spotify plays from us, be sure your personal data is never sold or disclosed to third parties.


To keep artists safe, we use only natural ways for every order placed with our system. Assigned agent manually processes and monitors the order till its completion.


Unlike other services, FeedPixel strives to provide cheap Spotify plays for tracks and playlists regardless of where you live. Thanks to the loyalty-points system.


Customer service specialists are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Reach us out via the Live Chat, Free Call at 8-800, or Order a Call Back from customer service.


Aside from seasonal sales sitewide, FeedPixel credits loyalty points every time you buy Spotify plays. These points are then redeemed for discounts on next orders.


Our Spotify promotion packages are for emerging artists who want plays, saves, and followers keeping ratios organic. Choose whichever is best for your budget.

You May Want To Buy Spotify Plays

Why Do Artists Buy Spotify Playlist Plays?

In short, artists buy Spotify plays for playlists and albums to promote their songs and podcasts to more listeners, and earn royalties from Spotify streams. 

As a young inspired artist it is easy to start uploading music recordings to Spotify. Yet it is difficult, if not impossible, to stay inspired when days pass with no plays, streams, and followers. Spotify promotion services like FeedPixel help talented songwriters, DJs, and podcast hosts to catch up with more established rivals. Why not buy Spotify streams and plays if you can?

Buying Spotify plays from a trusted provider is a sure way to avoid a physical burnout while uploading record-after-record hoping that one of them gets noticed. And even when it does, with over 70 million tracks and 4 billion playlists, attention your track or playlist receives may not last for long. Thus, artists purchase Spotify plays not only to build reputation but to keep their playlists in front of the listeners at all times.

Is It Safe To Buy Spotify Plays For Tracks?

As a creator you may have concerns if buying Spotify plays is safe not just for tracks or playlists, but for your music career. The truth is it can be unsafe, depending on the service you buy plays and streams from, and your posting frequency.

After all,  why would you buy 100 000 Spotify plays for a playlist with a couple of new songs on it? Rather, a natural way of growing on the platform would be to get Spotify plays, streams, saves, monthly listeners, and followers in small batches while adding new tracks to a playlist. 

Also, because Spotify artists earn royalties from their work, account security is a major concern. Any promotion service asking to connect your account to their system or provide password and login credentials puts you at risk of being hacked, and tracks stolen. 

To avoid privacy issues, keep your password in private and buy Spotify promotion from tested and trusted services.

How To Get More Spotify Plays Naturally?

While artists often buy Spotify plays and streams on playlists, they keep working on tracks, albums, and playlists.You can increase Spotify plays following advice of successful artists like Cardi B, Olivia Rodrigo, The Weekend, and others with millions of Spotify listeners and followers.

Add playlist cover images and titles  to help listeners feel the music just by looking at playlists and albums. 

– Tailor tracks to listeners’ moods and needs adding and removing tracks twice a month or more.

– The optimum length is about 25 tracks per list. Do not make a playlist too long to keep its focus.

– If you have multiple playlists, you can pin one of them to the top of your profile. This typically is a playlist with most plays, likes, saves, and followers.

– Pitch a song from to-be-released album to editorial playlists. Once you get on it, your track will appear on top of a listener’s playlist for 24 hours.

Buy Spotify followers, monthly listeners, playlist plays, and saves to maintain a stable organic growth on playlists and tracks.

Spotify Plays FAQ | FeedPixel

Why Buy Spotify Plays?

As on any other streaming platform, the number of Spotify plays on playlists/albums, and tracks sets popular tracks and podcasts apart from the rest. Hundreds of artists purchase Spotify plays to attract more listeners and potential followers to their accounts and playlists.

Premium Spotify plays not only add credibility to you as an artist but can contribute towards your Spotify earnings. FeedPixel takes the ever-elusive “How to get more plays on Spotify” question from the table.  

Buying Spotify plays and saves regularly not only improves your visibility and listeners engagement, and also grows the playlist’s authority in the Spotify algorithm’s eyes. It lets you kill two birds with one stone: promote songs to more listeners and help catch their attention.

How to Choose Best Spotify Promotion Service?

There are dozens of services claiming to offer real Spotify promotion. With much choice how do you choose the best Spotify promotion service? What factors to look for in a credible source?

You cannot buy cheap Spotify plays and get premium results. So, the price is one the indicators how good Spotify plays and streams might be. Although, many providers offer coupons and discounts for regular customers which lowers the price to cheap. 

A good indicator whether you buy real Spotify plays or not is how long they remain on a track or playlist. Top quality Spotify plays can last a lifetime, and once delivered remain on your playlist for as long as it exists. 

Last, but not less important is account security and personal privacy. Despite the fact that buying Spotify services is common among artists, listeners should not suspect how you get them. Neither should record companies, music producers or agencies. 

Try FeedPixel Spotify plays and packages to see if we are a match.

What Should I Know Before Buying Spotify Plays?

Before placing any order with FeedPixel, make sure you have found a suitable number of plays for a track or playlist matching your need and budget. The minimum number of plays per track/album/playlist on our site is 500. 

To avoid surprises check if you are okay with our 12-48 hour delivery. Much as we want to deliver Spotify plays instantly, it won’t look organic on new profiles and may hurt playlist reputation. Besides, because plays and streams depend on users clicking on songs and not on our automation, it usually takes 1-3 days to see the exact number of Spotify plays. 

A smart move is to buy Spotify plays for the same playlist in smaller batches over a couple of months. To keep followers to monthly listeners ratio organic it is best to add a few hundred playlist followers. You might want to buy Spotify promotion packages with plays, saves, and followers to run full campaigns and grow organically.

Can I Also Buy Spotify Followers?

Yes. At FeedPixel you can buy Spotify followers for your profile and playlists. In fact, we suggest you buy plays, saves, and followers together for a steady progression. This way you would avoid the algorithm suspicion, and attract more listeners. 

But what if you do not know how many followers and plays to buy to boost reputation and stay organic? Our Spotify promotion packages are specifically tailored for that purpose.

Starting from 3000 plays, 300 saves, and 300 followers they are a great option for new artists on Spotify to keep growing safely. Check out the pricing above to see if packages suit your budget.

Do You Offer Spotify Likes and Saves?

For now, at FeedPixel you can buy Spotify saves and not likes. Unfortunately, Spotify likes are temporarily out of stock.But there is not much of a difference between Spotify likes and Spotify saves. When people buy Spotify likes it only means that a song or a playlist was saved to Liked Songs. Technically speaking, likes are saves stored as liked songs. 

If you need Spotify saves only, you can choose any amounts from 100 saves to 1000 Spotify saves and more (see pricing table above). If you also came to buy Spotify plays, our promotion packages may be a good fit for you.

How Can I Pay For Spotify Plays?

Thanks to 50+ payment processors FeedPixel works with, anyone from anywhere in the world can buy Spotify plays. You can pay with PayPal, all major credit/debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB, etc. 

Or if you are a crypto guy, buy Spotify playlist plays with all major crypto coins (Bitcoin (BTC), (Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH),  Litecoin (LTC), Steller (XLM), Tether (USDT), Monero (XMR)). If all the details are filled correctly and you are not sure why the payments keep cancelling, you can contact support via the Live chat, or write to [email protected].

How Long Will It Take To Deliver Spotify Playlist Plays?

The standard delivery time for all Spotify services is 12-48 hours. However, delivery time depends on playlist age and activity, followers count, the initial and ordered number of plays. Frequently updated playlists with a growing number of listeners, plays, and fans take less time than new playlists.

To keep playlists and tracks safe, the assigned agent manually processes the order, setting approximate speed and intervals for Spotify playlist plays. The size of your order also matters when you buy Spotify playlist plays. 5000 and more plays may take up to 72 hours to complete. 

My playlists number of downloads and plays has tripled. I have only nicest things to say about this service. If you are an artist without an agent like me, a couple of plays won’t hurt

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Tried pixel packages. So far no complaints, all plays and fans comes naturally, but not too slow or fast. Support people are really friendly and helped me multiple times.

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