Instagram Money Calculator

Hi go-getter 😉! Wondering how to grow on Instagram, and make most of your account? If you’ve been active on the platform for quite some time, chances are your account already worth a few hundreds of dollars. Pixel is excited to present Instagram Money Calculator, the #1 influencer tool to estimate potential earnings and set rates for sponsored posts.

Instagram Money Calculator

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How To Use FeedPixel's Instagram Money Calculator

Want to know what’s your earning potential on Instagram, but don’t know how to use Instagram Calculator? Let Pixel walk you through step-by-step.

Step 1

Drag the slider to set the overall number of Instagram followers, likes, comments, and posts on your account.

Step 2

Select Instagram niche and current location from the drop-down menu. You can switch locations and niches.

Step 3

Get the estimates. You may not see any earnings if you have few followers, posts, or low engagement.

You Can Use Instagram Money Calculator To

✔️ Estimate how much money your Instagram account is worth. 

✔️ Check estimated earning potential of a single sponsored post.

✔️ Track potential earnings on Instagram monthly and yearly.

✔️ Compare your earning potential to that of other influencers.

How Influencers Earn Money on Instagram?

Because of its 1 billion active users and highly visual content, Instagram is an ideal place to advertise and sell goods and services. More and more active users with a decent number of followers try to make money off their Instagram accounts. How do they do that?

Some influencers push users to try new tools, courses, products, or services through affiliate links. Once the purchase is made, an affiliate receives a commission from the purchase Other influencers are small business owners who promote their own store and websites. Quite a few photographers, designers, and artists are also on Instagram selling images and artwork.

But almost all Instagram users with 20k+ followers try influencer marketing. They earn either commissions from the revenue a sponsored post generates, or receive a flat fee. Typically, influencers approach brands offering sponsored posts. Use Instagram Money Calculator to set rates for sponsored posts.

How Do I Get Paid For Sponsored Posts? (Tiers - rates)

You have to grow the number of followers and engagement first before getting paid for any posts. After all, brands pay influencers for promoting a product or service to people. But who can you reach without followers on profile?

In case you want to know how many followers you need to start making money on Instagram, below is the breakdown of influencer earnings by followers count. Driven by open data from profiles and anonymous polls, FeedPixel was able to determine approximate rates for sponsored posts based on profile followers. Some estimates used as coefficients in our Instagram Money Calculator. 

  • ✔️Nano-influencers: 10k followers and less – $50 – $300;
  • ✔️Micro-influencers: 10k-100k followers – $300 -$800;
  • ✔️Mid-tier influencers: 100k – 250k followers – $800 – $3000;
  • ✔️Macro-influencers: 250k followers and more – $3000+


Just like many other platforms, Instagram favours creators with active engagement. This means that the more likes, comments, and follows you get - the more users will discover your content. Putting beautiful posts and interesting Stories in front of users is a way for Instagram to keep them checking the feed. Once you are a micro influencer, it's time to reach out to brands offering partnerships. Note, influencer earnings are not 100% money. Negotiated between an influencer and a brand, sponsored post fees can also be paid in services or goods as part of the sponsorship deal. Also, influencers can charge per post, or per campaign(multiple post mentions, Stories, etc.).

What Can I Do To Grow Instagram Account and Earnings?

Don’t worry if you tried Instagram Money Calculator and get low results. The actual influencer earnings not only depend on your engagement and following but also on luck. Think if there are more brands using influencer marketing as part of their marketing strategy, or influencers willing to make money on Instagram. For some reason a brand can decide to hire one influencer over the other who may have the same sponsored fee, followers, and a decent engagement rate.

To grow your following and engagement, you can post more (1-2 posts/day) and try different times, use trending hashtags and filters, go Live with IGTV, do giveaways, Q&As, interlink your TikTok, YouTube, or Twitter profiles in the bio. 

If you are doing all these growth tips already with little to no results, you can buy Instagram likes, random and custom comments, or buy profile followers. Increased engagement and following will boost posts visibility and attract new followers and sponsorship deals as your influence grows.

Instagram Influencer Earnings: Questions & Answers

Why do brands pay Instagram influencers to make sponsored content?

With 1 billion monthly active users on the platform, Instagram proves to be a profitable market for all sorts of businesses (except for few). On average, a typical influencer has 5–20k followers on the account (depending on niche, audience engagement and timing). 68% of Millennials consume Stories on Instagram. The obvious reasons why brands do influencer marketing are 2: to boost sales (more views/likes = more sales), and to build brand awareness and reputation (the more famous the influencer – the higher the reach and brand’s value).

What are the min & max rates for sponsored posts on Instagram?

The truth is that there is no maximum or minimum influencer earnings on Instagram. The amount of money you get from brands is directly proportional to profile engagement (aka likes, comments, views) and the time you spend on Instagram. If an average Instagrammer spends about 60 min/day (53 minutes to be exact), you have to make sure you spend the double of that to follow trends, check out your feed, and create interesting content. A good start to charge per follower is about $10.00 per 1000 followers, while per post it  accounts roughly between $75.00-$1000.00 again based on yourfollowers count.

Why should I trust your Instagram Money Calculator?

As digital marketing geeks, we believe in the power of social platforms, and their place in how today’s business works. Without keeping an eye on spending/earnings no personal brand/business is going to make profits. And the first thing you do to track your profit margin is calculation, be it Instagram, or any other platform. Developing an easy and fast Instagram Money Calculator took us 40+ days of charting through more than 300 accounts before we got the gist of what really impacts influencer earnings on Instagram. Dedication to providing superior user experience and thorough data analysis make us absolutely sure of the calculator’s high standard.

Why do my estimated Instagram earnings show up low?

As said above, factors with most impact on revenue growth of an influencer on Instagram are taken into account when calculating your earning potential. Yet there are certain factors that may be difficult to calculate. The number of brand sponsorships a month, average niche share of the influencer market, etc. vary from person to person. Instagram Money Calculatoris simply a tool to estimate an account’s potential worth and not how much you are paid every month. Also, please note that as engagement figures grow, so does your earning potential.

How to know if I am paid fairly for my product endorsement?

It is always an ethical matter if someone is treated fairly. Instagram Money Calculator is your number one tool to estimate potential influencer earnings. Besides, there is always data on how to charge a brand contacting you.Usually a fee for product endorsement on Instagram is negotiated in two ways: per followers count (about $10.00 per 1000 followers), and per post (between $75.00-$1000.00 depending on the number of followers).

How do I know you are not scamming me, and the estimates are real?

There is nothing for us in scamming people. You are not even required to make a purchase, sign up, or watch ads, answer surveys, etc.The estimates brought by our Instagram calculator are calculated so that you can see how your fee for sponsored content goes up as your engagement and following grows. And not to claim the money from FeedPixel, Instagram, or a brand partnering with you. After all, the fee is settled between the influencer and the business.

How fast can I boost my Instagram earnings?

It all boils down to two things – engagement and followers growth. The more you upload interesting and value-driven content, the more engaged followers you get and the more likely they are to view other posts from you (yup, even promotional ones). Bear in mind, as a numbers game, Instagram loves established influencers with hundreds of followers. If you are still thinking how to boost profile authority and improve reputation, buy Instagram followers from FeedPixel. The delivery is stable and safe and contributes to the overall growth and audience reach.

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Hola! Love from Spain. Calculator really works. I’m charging $500+ and folks are getting sponsored posts with me.

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As an influencer myself, it was fun to use your calculator guys! Figures are pretty much what I charge per post. Although it’s slightly less what I make per month.

Faraz Robinson

I got pretty much satisfied with calculator results. Earnings per post is one of the things I like most. From this I may calculate how to charge per campaign

Cieran Owens

We’ve got a difficult time figuring out what to pay for certain influencer we plan to approach on Instagram. Your calculator helped us know the average expected earnings for a particular influencer based on the number of followers and account engagement. Good job!

Kade French

Just got my account estimates! It wirth $10 550! Can’t believe my eyes ! hell why am I not receiving any offers!? Gotta approach brands myself…

Anaya Cummings

This is so damn great! I never thought I may qualify as influencer on ig. I’ll try

Jay Howe