Need some help with your purchase? Take a look on FAQ, or drop us an email at [email protected]. Live Chat and Free Call are available 24/7.


How can I contact FeedPixel?

There are a number of options for you to reach out to us. You may contact a customer service team via Live Chat, Free call on 8 800, or ordering a Call Back. There is also a query form on the contact us page, in case you feel more comfortable that way. 24/7 helpline support and responsive staff makes it easy for you to connect.

How FeedPixel actually works?

FeedPixel is the number one social media marketplace that provides ONLY HIGH QUALITY services. We regularly create advertisements / promotions, run contests/challenges across social networks and ad networks (by using API), with the help of which we direct real interactions / impressions/engagement from real platform users straight to your account. The next thing for us to secure your payment method. Hence we’ve a secure payment portal which guarantees easy and fast, and most importantly absolutely secure, transaction for all our customers.

Why are your prices so low?

Unlike many others who because of the cheapest prices provide bot followers, FeedPixel strive to guarantee quality not in expense of cost. Hence, prices are at their lowest, and the quality is at its best. Another reason why the prices are low is that operating large audiences, running promotional campaigns, challenges and tests we are able to generate huge traffic of real people ourselves. We are not a retailer shop where each middleman adds its profit making prices unaffordable for many. As an enterprise created for customers by customers we believe everyone should have the same opportunity.

Why should I trust you?

FeedPixel has been for a while on the market, served more than 50 000 customers around the world, including startups and established businesses, freelance artists and influencers. We’ve highly rated and recommended by our customers. Besides, 24/7 responsive support professionals, the lowest prices, and premium quality products, not to mention variety of services and a Loyalty Program – are a handful of our benefits. See more about us.

How can I express my gratitude with the service?

Well, there plenty of ways you can help others learn of a great service at the lowest price on the market, as FeedPixel is. Follow us on social media, and surely recommend to others in need of such services as ours. And know, we greatly appreciate your efforts to inform others of FeedPixel, and glad to have you back any time you need our service.


What is your Loyalty Program and what are the benefits of it?

FeedPixel’s unique feature is in its Loyalty Program – a specific point system that works for your advantage. In other words, each particular purchase will get you certain number of points which you can exchange for a certain number of products for FREE the next time you shop. This flexible payment system that allows you get the bonus even from the smallest of your purchases, helps you save up to 15% of your money. And obviously the bigger the package, the more points you get, and the more money stay in your pocket. Custom orders are also gain points to its buyer. Your satisfaction is our pride.

What discounts you have?

There is a point system for our loyal customers – Loyalty program which allows you to pay with the points you gained from the previous purchases. Also, at present there are Instagram, TiTok, Twitter and Twitch packs absolutely for FREE! From time to time we reward regular customers with vouchers for new products, or holiday sales. Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss our next giveaway, or hefty discounts.

Is refill guaranteed?

Yes. We genuinely care of each of our customers and believe that your purchase needs to bear fruits. Thus, we have a refill option which will last for the whole month! No matter how much is the loss, we will refill it. The refilling system, however, only works once per purchase. The refill system is only valid over the first 30 days of the product you bought. But, we understand that each case is unique, and if you get back to us we can develop your personal strategy on how to keep your followers/ subscribers/ fans engaged.

Can I order more than one package?

Of course. As was said previously, it is you who decides what and how much of it to get. If you found that more than one product suits your needs, just Add the first product to Cart, then press Continue Shopping and you’ll be redirected to the previous product page. And when you are done with it, you fill out the billing details and Proceed to Checkout.

What are benefits for longtime customers?

Customer satisfaction is a priority for us, and longtime buyers receive VIP treatment. Regular customers are the first to hear about product discounts, try FREE services and enjoy unrivaled customer service. As you slowly build trust in us over time, you will discover multiple pluses that regular clients have. But even for first time buyers we got a pleasant point bonus (see Loyalty Program).

Is the service guaranteed?

Absolutely! FeedPixel is a licensed US based social media marketing company which provides only quality products. ONLY REAL followers/subscribers/fans, views, MANUAL likes/comments/reviews/ upvotes/rating, and GENUINE connections/ shares/recommendations/retweets. If you did not receive your order. We make everything to meet our customer demands, and guarantee you a positive customer experience with us.

Should I provide my account login and password to you?

No. Many third-party companies require access to your account/channel asking for your login and password. But FeedPixel puts your security first, and makes buying as easy and safe as possible. 100% private, simplified buying process requires nothing more than your Instagram username, and a link to your channel/post/account.

Is there a risk for my account of being banned?

Taking your security seriously, FeedPixel constantly updates approach in accordance with social media platforms’ policies. Buying real and active followers/subscribers/fans/views, manual likes/comments/upvotes/downvotes, genuine reviews/ shares/connections from FeedPixel never puts you at risk of being banned. Trying the service, you’ll join our longtime customers.

Can I have some followers, views, or likes to try your services?

Sure! Check out our FREE services for Instagram, Twitch, Twitter and TikTok right now! Free packs are available for a limited time. FeedPixel also provides small packages of products to try (reviews are being sold at retail). Because of the lowest prices on the market those packages are recommended before buying in bulk. Also, there is a Loyalty Program, which is a point system for returning customers, and allows you to test ANY product across 14 social media platforms for FREE depending on the number of points you gained from your purchase. To stay updated of new discounts and sales subscribe to a newsletter.


How many payment options you have?

We have a vast array of payment methods to choose from, including cryptocurrency, credit cards and PayPal. We accept almost all types of cryptocurrency – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Etherium, Etherium classic, Dash, Monero, Ripple and Litecoin. Acceptable credit cards include Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express. You may also wish to pay via PayPal or Payoneer system. Have additional questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Can I take a receipt of my purchase?

Yes, sure. FeedPixel is a US based legal social media marketing company. And of course, every purchase is carefully processed by the system. Consequently, the receipt to take is possible to every single buyer if he wishes to do so. We can send your receipt electronically, enclosed in the email.

What to do if I accidentally entered incorrect data for my order?

Contact us immediately! Use Live Chat or Free Call 8 800. We can make changes to your order ONLY in case it has not been processed yet. In case significant time passed and you realized when the purchase has already started to ship in the wrong direction, we are REALLY sorry but we cannot cancel it, or turn back. Be careful to check the details of your order every time you purchase.

What if I put the wrong email address?

As in case with all credentials, get in contact with our support expert as soon as possible. And we will try to help you out as much as we can.


How long will it take me to receive the order?

Shortly after the payment is being processed by the system, FeedPixel begins dropping off it to your social media account. Don’t worry that’s not going to eat up your time. The product will be credited to your account within 48-72 hours no matter time of the day, geographical location or the number of products offered. But before you make the purchase make sure you checked your Internet connection, and also set your account to public. If everything is alright, but you still haven’t received your order get back to us to resolve the problem.

Can you split the order between several accounts?

Generally, yes. However, in case you want to split the order, you need to discuss the details of it with customer service professional before you make a purchase. Live Chat, Free Call and a Call Back are available for you 24/7.

What is drip-feed, and would I want it?

Drip-feed is a way of product delivery when a customer receives the order in small bits over a period of time. The time frame is highly flexible and depends on each customer’s needs and particular case. Drip-feed delivery guarantees you high engagement rate and extensive organic reach. On top of it, it is a logical approach when choosing a large order to make your followers/ likes/ reactions/ views, etc. look natural on your social media profile. It also lowers the risk of your account being suspended in case you buy a huge portion of social media enhancement for a new user account. To discuss specific strategy reach out to us via Live Chat, Free Call 8-800, or drop us a line at [email protected]