Buy Instagram Auto Likes [Very Fast]

Howdy! Pixel is so glad to introduce best value Instagram Auto likes on the market. You may order as little as 100-150 likes, or as much as 1000 likes for your future 5-50 posts – maximum customization for the minimum price. Plus, redeem the points you gained from your purchase to get a discount on the checkout. Today is time to spend less and save more!

Pay-As-You-Go Packages

Whether you are a startup owner dreaming of building a multimillion dollar empire, a freelancer looking for lucrative gigs, or a fashion-icon-to-be, Instagram Auto likes help you build your brand’s credibility fast, power up your account following organically, and boost your stories to Instagram Explore page easy way. Choose the best fit package and enjoy a minute transaction and fast processing.

Package #1

$ 9 99
  • From 100-150 Likes Per Post
  • Real & Active People
  • 100% Safe
  • No Password

Package #2

$ 18 99
  • From 200-250 Likes Per Post
  • Real & Active People
  • 100% Safe
  • No Password

Package #3

$ 44 99
  • From 500-600 Likes Per Post
  • Real & Active People
  • 100% Safe
  • No Password

Package #4

$ 74 99
  • From 1000-1200 Likes Per Post
  • Real & Active People
  • 100% Safe
  • No Password

How to Buy

Choosing the right Instagram Auto likes package with a minute transaction and guaranteed delivery was never easier.

Step 1

Explore multiple offers with different numbers of likes per post. You will also need to decide on the number of Instagram posts you wish to get auto likes for.

Step 2

Provide your Instagram account Username. No need for password or personal information. Rest assured, your purchasing record is never disclosed to anyone.

Step 3

Choose how you wish to pay – by credit card, PayPal, or cryptocurrency. As soon as the order is processed, you’ll see likes appear on all of your future posts.

Why FeedPixel

Easily purchased reliable Instagram Auto likes for all your future posts is a unique opportunity to save time and money when promoting your Instagram page. For the lowest price on the market you get best quality products without registration, human verification or password request as well as guaranteed delivery and responsive helpline support 24/7.


Once you place an order and make a transaction, it is processed and the likes are delivered within the next 4 – 6 hours, no matter location, time of the day, or the package picked.


Low-priced quality Instagram auto likes, customized according to your choice are a sure method to get auto likes every time you post, supercharge your engagement and following.


Best quality Instagram auto likes and guaranteed delivery ensure our customers’ satisfaction, maximum cost-effectiveness, and awe-inspiring loyalty rating for years-to-come.


No previous credit card history, no Instagram password – your privacy is respected. The billing details you provide are safe and secure via private payment portal and disclosed to no one.


Get in touch with us 24 hours and 7 days a week via the Live Chat Support, Call Free at 8-800 (currently unavailable), or drop a line to a social media marketing specialist at [email protected].


With over a hundred thousand happy FeedPixel customers globally, and nearly 300 thousand Instagram auto likes delivered within a week time the service proves to achieve recognition.


How Automatic Instagram likes are different from Instagram likes?

The Instagram Auto likes are the same Instagram likes you buy for your posts with a slight difference in their delivery. As you guessed it correctly, the smart delivery algorithm automatically checks your Instagram postings every 10-15 minutes, and reserves the negotiated amount of likes for a new post it sees. Buying Auto likes once allows you maximum comfort since there’s nothing to worry about likes delivery each time you post on Instagram. What’s more, your posts are definite to extend their organic reach as auto likes appear regularly and consistently. Why not to save time and nerves with a simple order?

What is the minimum and maximum number of Instagram Auto likes per post?

The minimum number of auto likes we provide is 100-120 auto likes per post. The maximum number is ten times of that, 1000-1200/post. The auto likes need to be ordered for at least 5 posts with the maximum being 50 posts. Receiving the whole number of auto likes is fully up to you. Simply put, you may have all 5 posts with 100-120 auto likes/each in one day, or opt for 5 days (1 post/day with 100-120 auto likes/post). You are the person who decides when to post. The system checks it every 10-15 minutes from the moment your order has been processed.

How fast is the Auto likes delivery?

The delivery begins shortly after you post, within the first 30 minutes (at peak times it may take up to 3-6 hours though). Important note: before it starts to appear however your transaction must be approved and the order processed.

Why to choose FeedPixel as my unique Instagram Auto likes provider?

At FeedPixel the system is automatically set for regular delivery so there’s no worries about your new post (be it a video, picture, or a gallery type post) going without a promised amount of likes. Besides, just $8.99 for 500-600 auto likes for 5 posts really proves to be best value for money. saving you time and money. Instead of opting for multiple orders for every single post, you save both time and money when deciding on Instagram auto likes. As a pleasant bonus, you’ll get an overdelivery with us. Be sure to check also our Loyalty program for regular customers, which allows you to gain points from every purchase to get a discount on the checkout.

How can I be sure that likes will appear on each of my future posts?

As was explained above, a brand new Instagram auto likes system boasts 99.8% accuracy rate proving to miss out none of the posts as of today. Besides, the automatic system of likes, a team of skilled technicians work daily on verifying each customer’s order completion so that not to miss any inaccuracies if any. Multiple customers already tested and are pleasantly surprised with reliability and convenience of the service.

Are there any discounts for your Instagram Auto likes?

The price on its own is the lowest on the market. Yet as customer experience comes first, we value customers’ loyalty, and set a Loyalty Program point system to easily redeem the points toward the price and get a discount on the checkout.


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