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Hallo, artists! Want more listeners to find your tracks and playlists? Pixel is ready to help you buy Spotify followers for artist accounts and playlists to boost visibility. Hey aspiring singer, DJ, or a podcaster, let’s get more Spotify followers fast! Enjoy lowest prices, dedicated support, and safe organic delivery of Spotify services at FeedPixel.

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Spotify Promotion Packages

If you want to grow not only track and playlist plays, but saves and profile followers, buy Spotify promotion packages. All-in-one packages are tailored for emerging artists to quickly build reputation to engage listeners. More, choosing a promo pack you will save up to 20% each time you order.

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How To Buy Spotify Followers

If you are ready to buy Spotify followers, but don’t know how, let Pixel show you a way. The whole ordering process is simple and will not take more than just a couple of minutes to place your first order with us.

Step 1

Take a look at our Spotify promotion packages and decide on the number of Spotify followers you want to get on your profile or playlist.

Step 2

Copy-paste a playlist and/or a profile URL link from Spotify account. No password is required to purchase Spotify followers, plays, or saves.

Step 3

Complete the checkout paying with PayPal, all major credit/debit cards, or cryptocurrency. 50+ payment processors work worldwide.

Why FeedPixel

Tired of scammers looking to get money from you without delivering followers? Do not know how to get followers on Spotify? Turn to FeedPixel, a place where the next great artists buy Spotify playlist followers to build reputation and get a headstart in their careers. Click around to get to know us better.


When they buy Spotify followers to playlist or profile, our customers can be sure orders are fully completed. Assigned agent keeps track of followers sent to you.


Trusting us with your Spotify name you can sit back and relax. All orders are 100% private, and customer identities, billing and order details are safely encrypted.


Buy Spotify followers of different age, gender, and locations to avoid the algorithm suspicion, boost playlist credibility, and attract new listeners worldwide.


Whether you want to buy Spotify playlist followers or Spotify artist followers, we have both options for you. Many artists also buy Spotify plays and saves.


Dedicated support agents are here for you 24 hours, 7 days a week. If you need any help email to [email protected], or contact via the Live Chat.


To help anyone get Spotify followers and keep prices affordable for thousands of artists, FeedPixel credits redeemable loyalty points from all orders.

If You Want More Spotify Followers

Can You Buy Followers on Spotify?

Yes, you can buy Spotify playlist followers and artist followers. With few services offering real Spotify playlist followers, artists often do not trust various Spotify promotion services. But the fact is that buying Spotify followers and plays for playlists is successful artists’ best kept secret. 

While it is not illegal to get paid followers, artists who buy Spotify followers may get criticized if their secret is revealed. However, because a growing number of followers is key to keeping your tracks and playlists on top of the algorithm, they keep purchasing fans in private. 

Just note, buying is only worth money if you are serious about your music career. Determined artists often couple their vocal and financial resources to steadily grow plays and listeners before buying any number of followers. If you are unsure how many Spotify followers buy all-inclusive packages with playlist plays, saves, and followers inside.

What Are the Benefits of Buying Spotify Followers?

How the Spotify algorithm works has never been disclosed by the platform. Yet, seasoned artists with tracks, albums, and playlists often buy Spotify followers for multiple reasons. 

Whether free Spotify followers or paid ones, they help you improve playlist reputation and reach. Put yourself in the shoes of a regular user, would you follow a playlist which no one else wants to follow? Just as on other music streaming platforms, listeners need social proof that the recordings are worth their time. 

A common reason to buy Spotify followers for new artist profiles and playlists is to get more Spotify followers fast. You can spend months before reaching a thousand followers on Spotify, or you can spend a few bucks to get paid followers in a couple of  days.

FeedPixel has helped countless number of artists on Spotify to get noticed not just by the listeners but producers and record labels as well.

Why Buy Spotify Followers to Playlist?

With much said about an artist’s reputation, you may want to know why buy Spotify followers to playlist, right? Why don’t you buy artist followers only?

Because not all albums and playlists are made the same. If you are on Spotify for some time, you know it’s hard to get featured even a single song, let alone several playlists. With so much competition on the platform, buying playlist followers on Spotify helps more listeners discover your songs.

Another reason to buy Spotify playlist followers is the Spotify suggestion algorithm. Playlist follows, saves, likes, and plays are all good indicators of its quality. After all, you may have quite a few monthly listeners but not all of them turn into followers, right? 

Finally, it is more common to follow a certain playlist than an artist. By growing the number of playlist followers successful Spotify artists are able to also grow profile followers.

Spotify Followers FAQ | FeedPixel

What Is the Best Place to Buy Spotify Followers?

Every service is good as long as it delivers its promises of safe purchase and organic growth. Here, at FeedPixel, you can buy Spotify followers for playlists and profiles risk-free. We won’t ask for your password or login credentials, and order details are kept private. FeedPixel is best for Spotify artists and their producers, DJs, and podcasters looking to build their music career on Spotify.
We promise absolute privacy of the orders, safe organic delivery, and best quality service. Every time an order shows up in the system, an agent is assigned to curate its progress till its completion. If you have further questions you can write to [email protected], or chat Live.

How Do I Buy Spotify Followers?

If you are finally ready to buy Spotify followers but don’t know how to get started, let’s count the steps. First, you decide what number of followers you want for your playlist or profile. If you need more than followers, you can also buy Spotify plays, or shop one of our promotion packages.
There is no right or wrong number of followers. If you are a new artist with a relatively small number of monthly listeners and plays, we suggest you buy followers in small batches of 100 to stay organic. The next step is to provide a URL link to your playlist or profile. Make sure it is correct, not mistyped or invalid so we can deliver on time. Finally, choose how you want to pay for your purchase. PayPal payments, debit and credit cards, or cryptocurrency are all accepted.

How Safe Is It to Purchase Spotify Followers?

It is safe as long as your provider is valid, and keeps all your billing and customer data confidential. After all, Spotify users are looking for talents who stand out on their own. Then, providing a password, or connecting your Spotify account to any platform, you risk being hacked.
Because professional musicians can earn money from Spotify streams, hackers are on the lookout for artist accounts to profit. So be careful what data you trust the provider. Other than that, buying Spotify followers in large quantities can make the algorithm suspicious. If you are still worried, it is best to buy Spotify followers for a single playlist to try.

Do You Have Free Spotify Followers?

Not at this point. Because playlists and tracks promotion is quite costly, we cannot offer any free Spotify followers. But if you are serious about earning from Spotify streams and signing contracts with major record labels, you better spend a few bucks than search for days. More, almost every service that boasts free Spotify promotion is asking you to watch ads, complete surveys, or do other small tasks.
Best, if after all your efforts the service delivers the followers or plays. In reality, users are tricked into completing one task after another with no reward in the end. In short the best way to get more Spotify followers is to buy them rather than get free.

Can I Buy Targeted Spotify Followers?

While some artists prefer to buy targeted Spotify followers, FeedPixel only supplies international followers. We’ve tested several methods to distribute geographically limited followers, but saw no real demand and reason.
While we do not offer targeted Spotify followers, followers we provide are mostly from the U.S. You can try the smallest amount to see if it fits your budget and goals. If you also need Spotify playlist plays, you can try our Spotify promotion services.

What Payment Methods Are Available on FeedPixel?

Because FeedPixel has partnered with over 50 payment processors, different payment methods are available. You can buy Spotify followers, plays, or saves with PayPal, all major credit and debit cards like MasterCard, Visa, Discover, AmericanExpress, UnionPay, etc.
Cryptocurrency is yet another way to pay for your purchase. Some of our long time clients often buy Spotify playlist followers with (Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), (Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Monero (XMR)), Litecoin (LTC), and other major coins. If you have any troubles with payment or want to learn more about FeedPixel before placing the order, talk to support via a Live chat, or email at [email protected].

How Long Does It Take to Get Spotify Followers?

If by “getting Spotify followers” you mean paid followers from FeedPixel, then, the answer is 12-48 hours or less. Keep in mind, order delivery depends on artist profile engagement, initial number of followers and how much you are ordering.
New profiles with few tracks and playlists take time to safely deliver, while established profiles can receive followers faster. Once the order is placed, an assigned agent processes it, and sets the delivery speed similar to your playlist or profile growth. Frequently updated playlists with a growing number of listeners and plays take less time to complete the order than new ones.

I loved how well managed Spotify promotion was. All followers came in in about a day and seem to be organic. Saves so much of my time, thanks

Lola Edwards

My plays count is slowly increasing, and the recent playlist followers swelled three times. The first time results in months! So happy to try services from Pixel 🙂

Morgan Rennie

I’ve known FeedPixel for over 2 years now. Always liked how regular likes appear on my Insta posts. Just bought followers for my latest Spotify playlist. Hope it’ll go as well as Insta.

Kellan Gray

You guys have the best nondrop Spotify followers! Looking forward to buy more and plays for playlists. Liked it all inside out.

Parker Murillo