Buy Instagram Comments [Random & Custom Commenting]

Hi there Instagrammer! You spend time picking the post idea and hashtags, wrote a great caption, but see little to no engagement? Thousands of users buy Instagram comments from FeedPixel to add credibility to their profiles, improve visibility of posts, and boost engagement organic way. Pixel offers the lowest prices on real comments for all Instagram accounts. Let’s save you time and nerves!


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How To Buy Instagram Comments

Ready to spend a couple of minutes placing your order with us? Buying Instagram comments is easier than you think. FeedPixel delivers random and custom Instagram comments at an affordable price.

Step 1

You can buy random and custom comments for posts(100 – 1000 com). Provide your text for custom comments in the order notes. 

Step 2

Copy and paste the URL link to your video or any post you want the comments on. No worries, we never ask for an account password.

Step 3

Make a payment via PayPal, credit/debit cards, or cryptocurrency. 50+ payment processors. All billing and order details are confidential.


Let’s make sure you’ve got the best bet. Watch easy-to-digest video guide helping you buy high quality Instagram package in less than 5 minutes.

Why FeedPixel

If you wanted to buy Instagram comments from real Instagram users, FeedPixel has to be first on your list. Over 100 businesses and regular Instagram users order comments for photos and videos on Instagram through FeedPixel each month. Enjoy simple order placement, secure payment gateway, and organic delivery. Customize your Instagram order: submit your own comments, buy random comments, or Instagram emojis.


Instagram comments are delivered within 24-72 hours or less, regardless of geographic location, time of the day, and the package size.


As FeedPixel, account security and customer privacy is our main priority. Our Instagram team makes delivery speed adjustments matching your account size and viewers’ activity to roll comments organic ways


At FeedPixel, you get rewarded for being a regular client. Each customer buying Instagram comments or other services earns redeemable points through the loyalty program.


Instagram comments from real app users let the algorithm know people are liking your posts. This improves your profile authority and naturally attracts more views and followers


When you buy Instagram comments, they are posted by real Instagram users of different ages and gender from worldwide locations. Real comments ensure high safety standards and 80% of returning customers.


Reach us out 24 hours, 7 days a week via the Live Chat Support, make a Free Call at 8-800, or Order a Call Back from a customer service specialist.

5 reasons to buy Instagram comments

Extend Instagram reach

Instagram is the 6th most popular social network in the world, averaging 500 000 active influencers and 25 million business profiles. Whether you are a marketer, entrepreneur, or a freelancer, real Instagram comments from FeedPixel help beat bigger brands on Instagram.


Instagram comments can improve your brand reach in organic ways. Take yourself as an example, how much likely you are to leave a comment for a favorite brand? Most likely. Especially when seeing others commenting and liking a post.


As social creatures, Instagram users are more interested in following brands on Instagram that seem to be popular among users of the same age. A good number of comments and likes proves the value the brand brings to potential consumers.

What is it you are offering to your Instagram audience: fun experience, quality service, or affordable pricing? Let’s roll on your Instagram posts in front of the big audience.

Increase engagement rate

Along with likes, comments are the direct indication of engagement among the platform users. When you buy Instagram comments they work both ways. They help the algorithm find the kind of posts that app users most interact with. Plenty of comments on Instagram posts draws viewers’ attention. If an average Instagram post gets 2-4 seconds focus, posts with hundreds of comments and likes are viewed ten times longer.

Besides encouraging fans to engage, regular posts with real Instagram comments tend to give a boost to account following. Perceived as the most customer-centric and popular, business accounts with higher engagement easily increase their profile visits, post views, and bring in new followers.

Build followers trust

70% of users look up for a brand on Instagram before making a purchasing decision. This way Instagram comments your posts get have an even bigger impact than Instagram likes or the number of followers you have.

Genuine comments are usually taken as other users’ reviews. That’s the power of social media; Instagram in particular. Even if you are not selling directly anything, building followers trust with your persona is going to score you brand partnerships and influencer contracts. Would you rather say no to influencer commissions?

Generate leads and sales

Engaged followers and customers are more likely to interact with your message. Whether it is a new product or feature, a company website, or a blog post you promote in your Instagram post, you want to get into as many users’ feeds as possible.

With Instagram, a real product discovery tool, brand marketing comes naturally. Genuine comments and emojis show followers trust and engagement. But getting them on a brand new Instagram account with few followers and little exposure does not always depend on the quality of the content. Here comes FeedPixel with high-quality Instagram comments from real users with impressions and reach.

Grow in popularity and rankings

Think of a whopping 100+ million photos and videos shared on Instagram daily, and you understand why genuine comments from real Instagram users are pushing hard your popularity rankings.

Naturally, quality posts have higher engagement, while boring dead posts receive little notice. Like any other social network, the Instagram algorithm has an interest in keeping platform users engaged. If your content is hitting up, the algorithm pushes it further to users’ feed. Simply put, while you target app users to watch a company promo, buy a product or service, or take part in the giveaway, Instagram targets you, and the experience your Instagram posts brings to its users. Still thinking whether to buy Instagram comments? Read customer reviews and feedback.

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Instagram Comments FAQ

How random and custom Instagram comments are different?

While both random and custom comments are posted by real Instagram users, they have a few differences. Custom comments are written by customers themselves, and then submitted to us. Random comments, on the other hand, are posted by random people, and while can be specific most likely to be generic. 

Buying custom comments you write the comments that are most relevant and impactful to your Instagram audience. Note: because Instagram impose limitations on type of comments, we do not accept repetitive or negative comments. Please, make sure you have only unique comments which do not attack anyone before submitting. 

Why buy Instagram comments from FeedPixel?

When you buy Instagram comments from FeedPixel, you are not just getting X number of Instagram users comment on certain photos or videos, but creating unique interactions for new followers and increasing chances of gaining more likes. Who wants to interact with a post, which has zero comments and likes on it?

Because Instagram is a business playground, buying real human Instagram comments to get your business ahead of competitors makes even more sense. Aside from quality comments, FeedPixel is known for easy payment and secure delivery. Don’t take our word for it – read customer feedback.

How safe are Instagram comments for my account?

As much as comments from dubious services threaten your brand reputation and account safety, genuine Instagram comments from humans (no bots) are safe to buy. At FeedPixel, we post only positive high-quality comments from real app users which fully complies with Instagram terms. You may also buy random Instagram emojis to spice up followers engagement. No password is needed to deliver your order.

Important notice: If for any reason your Instagram account is set to private, we ask to make it public so that we could find the posts you ordered comments for. Once the delivery is complete you can easily change your settings back to private.

How does buying Instagram comments work?

In the age when 500 million people are daily active users of Instagram, getting your profile noticed becomes challenging. Influencers who buy Instagram comments see them as a shortcut to building loyal following and stimulate viewers engagement. 

The Instagram like button is hit 4.2 billion times a day. To decide whether to follow a certain account, buy suggested products, or spend a couple of minutes watching a video or Story, Instagram users read comments.

Genuine and relevant Instagram comments help separate real creators and brands that bring value to their audiences reading the feed. 

Will my Instagram comments drop?

No. Based on customer feedback and ratings, Instagram comments are permanent. We had no drops or other quality issues so far. Once commenting on certain posts, Instagrammers are unlikely to go back and delete the comment. However, if the drop still occurs, FeedPixel refills any amount within a 30-day period. It is our interest to guarantee you buy Instagram comments risk-free.

Can I control what is said in the comments I order?

Yes. If you want the comments to look a certain way, such as having primary keywords, a brand name, or specific expressions relevant to your persona and business, you should buy custom Instagram comments. Custom comments submitted by users through the notes section on the product page. For ease of use and visibility, enter one comment per line.


Awesome quality! Honestly, I did expect random comments to suck. Even though they’re general, they all point at my product quality (I’m in the retail business). Have no doubt, new customers come as a result…

Amalie Larson

I’ve always purchased custom comments, but this time tried random. They rolled from accounts which are complete and active, better than others i tried. My suggestion to folks – no time to write your own, feel free to get random!

Antoine Sanford

Insta comments are published from active accounts with profile visits and interactions. Tnx

Rebekaha Parra

I’m not that social man and IG is simply out of my comfort zone. But for my wife who had so much stuff with the cupcake shop I had to pick up IG marketing quickly. I never knew such service existed but glad I tried. It let us expand from 4 orders a day to 50+. People really read what you post and watch others react. Highly recommend

Chace Bone

I’ve been on Instagram since 2016. Just recently after weeks of searching from where to buy Instagram comments, I decided to stick with FeedPixel because I tried their followers weeks before. The delivery is quite smooth and brings you lots of motivation and joy.

Stefania Parks

I like how active viewers become when comments hit my profile. Thanks for keeping the quality up <3

Nico Welsh

Soo excited to try custom comments! Last time I purchased 100 random Instagram comments and liked that all commenters had real looking profiles. Respect

Murphy Steadman

Putting 5 stars for best customer treatment! Quality of profiles is also good by the way

Stanislaw Delarosa