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Hi friend! I am excited to help you earn a full-time income from YouTube.
It took me 28 (!) weeks to develop a fully functional 3.0 high-speed YouTube income calculator for people like you, who are serious about making money from their YouTube channels. No registration or human verification is required. It’s free to use for everyone.

YouTube Money Calculator

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How To Use YouTube Money Calculator

The calculation takes less than a minute and is super easy to use. You can check multiple videos from one channel, or similar videos in one niche.

Step 1

Drag the slider to set the average number of daily views a video gets, CPM (vary from country to country), and viewers retention rate.

Step 2

From the drop-down menu, select a video category and the location where a video is watched most (you can see traffic stats for a video).

Step 3

Check the results. Keep in mind these are only estimates for a single video and depend on the average daily views and viewers retention.

Why Creators Need YouTube Money Calculator

✔️ Estimate daily earnings of your channel
✔️ Keep track of your channel revenue each month
✔️ Calculate how much a single video can earn
✔️ Know possible yearly income from your channel
✔️ See how much other YouTubers make
✔️ Compare your profits from various videos

How YouTube Money Calculator Works

Our free YouTube Money Calculator is designed to help creators keep track of estimated earnings from their videos. Partnering with 300+ YouTube creators, we have determined 5 metrics which have the most impact on potential earnings: the average daily views, CPM, audience retention, video category, and viewers location.
Knowing average daily views count, CPM (cost per mille), and video’s retention rate, it is possible to calculate how much a single video can make daily, monthly, and yearly. Note, because advertisers worldwide pay different fees for YouTube ads, CPM rates vary from country to country. Once you set the slider to a certain number, YouTube Calculator applies it into the formula to estimate video’s daily revenue.
To show potential earnings monthly and yearly this number is then multiplied by a certain number of days. The results proved to be 90% accurate (180 poll respondents).

Key YouTube Metrics For Better Monetization

#1 CTR of a Video

If you are a first-time YouTube creator looking to monetize your videos, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of metrics in YouTube Analytics. Perhaps, you even tried to determine which has the most impact on your paycheck. However you turn it, CTR, or click-through-rate, should be on top of your list. Because ads are played on a video, viewers should click to watch it before you cash in on views. The average CTR on YouTube is 2-4% depending on video category, content, and channel engagement. Higher is clearly better.

#2 Viewers Retention

Viewers retention is the percentage of a video that viewers have watched before closing it. If your video’s length, for example, is 5 minutes, and your viewers watch for 2.5 minutes, then your retention rate is 50%. It can be anywhere between 40% to 70% for most channels. Anything less than 40% speaks of low-engagement of channel viewers. Likewise, anything higher than 70 % retention is highly desirable, but hard to get.

#3 Likes to Views Ratio

Among all the video ranking factors that influence channel growth and monetization, likes are important indicators of how engaging a certain video is. While you do not have to enter your likes to views ratio into YouTube Money Calculator to calculate potential earnings, it still has an indirect impact on video's visibility. A video with a good number of views with a low percentage of likes may not seem as engaging as a video with tons of likes. The average likes to views ratio is about 4%, which means that for every 100 views there are about 4 likes. If you are struggling to get likes, you can buy YouTube likes with impressions and reach from FeedPixel.

#4 Audience Insights

Surely, if you want to grow the number of subscribers, likes, and views you must know who your viewers are and where they come from. And a little more than that. In the Audience tab of YouTube Analytics you can find the breakdown by age and gender, top locations, as well as other channels and videos your viewers have watched recently.Top locations from where the majority of viewers come from is one of the metrics you should enter into YouTube Money Calculator because CPM in South-East Asia and North America may be poles apart. So, the location you state customizes your potential YouTube channel earnings.

#5 Video Watch Time

Video watch time or the total number of minutes viewers have watched a certain video since its upload, is key to YouTube search and discovery algorithm. According to YouTube, “Watch time is a key success metric on YouTube – videos are ranked by how much watch time they have and videos with higher watch times are likely to show up higher in search results and recommendations". Besides, video watch time contributes towards 4000 watch hours as YouTube Partners Program requirements when applying for channel monetization.

How Much Money Can You Make on YouTube?

Records show that the average YouTuber’s paycheck rarely exceeds $100-300 dollars a month. Yet, because the creator’s earnings grow as the channel’s authority and engagement grows, popular creators earn 2000% times that sum.
You can check two videos from the same channel to see if one does better than the other. In fact, depending on the video’s category and content, it can earn anywhere between $0.1 -10 dollars a day. Now, multiply $10 by the number of videos on the channel to see why YouTube can be a primary income source for seasoned creators.
According to Forbes, the top 5 YouTube creators with most subscribers, likes, and views racked up to $25 million dollars this year. Why don’t you try your best with high retention YouTube views and likes from FeedPixel today?

YouTube Monetization & Metrics: FAQ

What Is CPM and how to calculate it?

CPM is the amount of money advertisers pay creators for 1000 impressions of their ads. CPM (click per 1000 views) varies from country to country. It can be as high as 18-20 USD (2019) in Australia, the USA and UK, and as low as 0. 10 – 0.20 USD (2019) in some African countries and the Middle East. To understand better CPM and how it is calculated you may check here.

How to get the average number of daily views on YouTube?

To get accurate estimates of your daily, monthly, and yearly earnings with our YouTube Money Calculator, you need to get the average number of daily views first.The average daily views on a video is its total number of views divided by the number of days since its upload. To calculate earnings for several videos on your channel just add the number of views on both and divide by the total number of days since their upload. For example, you have video A and video B with the total number of views of 59000. Video B was uploaded 4 days ago and video A 5 days before video B (or 9 days ago). To know the daily views for both you divide 59000 by 13 days (9 days of the video A +4 days since video B upload) to get 4 538 as your daily views number.

Why Do I Have to Choose a Viewer Location?

As said above much as the language you choose for your video and its content, viewers location determines what ads will be shown on your channel and videos. While English is a universal language across video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, YouTube users speak 79 languages, other than English. Yet, because marketers want to promote products or services to as many people as possible, ads in English may have better payouts. That said, the same ad for viewers from the Middle East, Europe, and North America is likely to have different CPM rates. Choosing a relevant geographic location from the drop down menu increases YouTube calculator’s accuracy and thus, users satisfaction.

How Accurate Are YouTube Money Calculator Results?

Stats show that the results you get from YouTube Money Calculator turn out to be 90% accurate. Over the long 28-week development and testing stage of the tool, we have 180 anonymous poll respondents using the calculator for 90 days and more. With YouTuber and data analyst collaborations throughout the process, Pixel feels confident to claim to be the best YouTube revenue estimator as of today.

What Can I Do If I Do Not Know My Retention Rate?

Generally, video’s retention is the percentage of a certain video viewers have watched. Because it is already tracked in YouTube Analytics, you do not have to perform any calculations yourself. Signing into YouTube Studio, tap Videos from the dashboard. Then, choose a video you want to see viewers retention, hover over it and tap on the Analytics icon. Under Overview or Engagement tabs of the Analytics, you will see Audience retention reports. The Audience retention line shows the number of views at certain points of video to the total number of views on that video. The video’s critical time is its first 30 seconds. The more viewers continue to watch after the first 30 seconds, the better is the video’s retention rate, more ads can be shown, and more money can be earned. Most channels and videos have 40% -70% retention rate.

What Are YouTube Partner Requirements?

To monetize a YouTube channel, you should be a Partner. But to become one you have to meet certain criteria. Below are the YouTube Partner Program requirements.

– You should live in the country where the Partner Program is available. Check the full list of countries here.
– Sign up and connect your AdSense account.
– Get at least 1000 channel subscribers.
– Accumulate at least 4000 watch hours in the past 12 months.
– Accept YouTube Monetization policies.

If the only thing stopping you from applying as a Partner is few subs, you can buy YouTube subscribers to speed up channel monetization.

How To Earn More Money On YouTube?

You may have noticed already, running ads on YouTube is not the only way how YouTubers make money. Many of them are also bloggers, freelancers, and experts in one field or another. As the second largest search engine, YouTube helps them drive traffic to their websites, courses, and projects. Affiliate marketing is another way to cash in on affiliate commissions thanks to YouTube. More, if you are a multi million-subscriber type creator, brands will be looking for you to offer a partnership. In short, just like on other social media platforms, applying multiple ways to monetize a channel, popular creators on YouTube can earn a six-figure revenue.

Youtube Money Calculator User Reviews

As a beginner on YouTube enthusiastic about hitting the desired 1M subscribers it was important for me to know if that’s a good idea to make an effort. Your calculator or rather my earning potential convinced me it worthwhile. Thumbs up!

Angelika Vance

So MUCH hands down! Liked the specifics of elements taken into account as the number of subs, views, niche, etc. Not the first day on YT, and over my channel’s 4.5 quite successful years I learned what works and what doesn’t. Well done developers!

Taylan Ferry

Guys my channel is new(ab 2-3 months) but I already run ads with 20K subscribers. I was testing multiple calculators for youtube and see yours has less mistakes. Using it weekly thanks for it

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First time here. You look professional and see the users posted their reviews. Hope you’re real and will try your YouTube views. Calculator is fairly good btw.

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I am Pixel’s regular customer for YouTube and Facebook services. They offer decent stuff all the time. Use it you risk nothing. I mean I got doubts before, none today. Calculator is good as usual. Recommend

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OMG! It is so simple. I just tried calculators here, all four, and…. For me as an influencer they are important for setting campaign princess and knowing how much is the prize of a game. the work you guys done is awesome Thank you.

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