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Hi folks! Wondering how some TikTok influencers managed to skyrocket the followers count, while you barely gained a few? Pixel is here to quickly increase profile following and boost credibility and reputation. Rather than waiting for months, why not to buy TikTok followers? With real followers and risk-free delivery from FeedPixel, you can’t help but ramp up the views and impressions.


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TikTok Bundle Packages

Rather than buying three different products, get all-inclusive TikTok bundles packed with optimum number of TikTok fans, likes and views. Save up to 30% of a regular TikTok product prices when choosing your optimized bundle. Let your TikTok ambitions take off the ground today.

If none of the bundles are suitable for you –  please use our TikTok Bundle Builder.

Bundle #1

$ 12 99
  • 100+ TikTok Fans
  • 100+ TikTok Likes
  • 2000+ TikTok Views

Bundle #2

$ 45 99
  • 500+ TikTok Fans
  • 500+ TikTok Likes
  • 5000+ TikTok Views

Bundle #3

$ 73 99
  • 1000+ TikTok Fans
  • 1000+ TikTok Likes
  • 10000+ TikTok Views

Bundle #4

$ 219 99
  • 5000+ TikTok Fans
  • 5000+ TikTok Likes
  • 20000+ TikTok Views

How To Buy TikTok Followers

If you are struggling to get any followers on profile despite your best efforts, it’s time to buy TikTok followers to speed up organic growth and finally get on the For You page. With improved reputation and reach, your fame game is about to take off the ground. Why delay any longer?

Step 1

Decide which followers package suits your budget and goals, or buy TikTok bundles. For better results new and less active accounts try smaller amounts.

Step 2

Provide your TikTok username without a password for safety reasons. Make sure your account is set to public in order for followers to start appearing on it.

Step 3

Choose how you want to pay for your order – PayPal, major cards, or crypto coins. Your billing and order details are safely encrypted and only visible to you.


Let’s make sure you’ve got the best bet. Watch easy-to-digest video guide helping you buy high quality TikTok Fans or Followers in less than 5 minutes.

Why Us

New TikTok creators often get stuck with a few hundreds of followers unable to go Live, or catch viewers attention. Timely buying TikTok followers could give your videos a fair advantage over competitors. FeedPixel strives to deliver real TikTok followers for every budget and need. Dedicated support, flexible discounts, and fast organic delivery are sure reasons to buy TikTok followers from us.


Unless you order a drip feed delivery, we drop off the followers in 12-48 hours or less. Unlike other services, we send followers in small batches to make it organic and safe.


Choosing FeedPixel you get the lowest prices on TikTok followers, views, and likes, a dedicated support agent, and fast organic delivery. We are rated A+ by over 30k regular clients.


Every time you buy TikTok followers cheap you risk getting your account suspended or hacked. We send only real TikTok followers at an affordable price to keep accounts safe.


Dozens of thousands of app users buy TikTok followers daily because of our privacy promise. We never sell or disclose personal data and order details to third parties.


If you want to grow your profile organically but struggle to build a following and make your account credible, buy TikTok followers. It’s easy and safe.


Reach us out 24 hours, 7 days a week via the Live Chat Support, make a Free Call at 8-800, or Order a Call Back from a customer service representative.

Why people buy TikTok followers

#To get noticed

If you are just starting on TikTok you probably know, making people follow new creators is not easy.

Many TikTokers spend months before they finally hit the first thousand subs. You can make amazing videos, post multiple times a day, but if no one watches them you may eventually quit. Followers not only make a creator stand out, but never fail to impress viewers.

After all, why wouldn’t you watch fun TikToks from a popular creator?

When you buy TikTok followers from FeedPixel you get a boost in the number of views and could easily grow your reach and popularity rankings. As social creatures, people are likely to follow accounts with established following and reputation. Large following on any social media including TikTok, serves as social proof. Whether you are new to TikTok or have already spent some time on the platform, real followers help your profile stand out among the millions of other creators. If you want to improve engagement, you can buy TikTok likes from real users.

#To save time

It may take from just a couple of weeks (for celebrities) to several months and years to grow engagement and followers count unless you buy TikTok followers. Without at least 1000 followers on TikTok, a creator is extremely limited and cannot go Live, or publish videos longer than 15 seconds.

As with any social media platform, TikTok strives to promote popular creators by featuring their videos on the For You page, while other worthy profiles go unnoticed. Yes, it takes time and effort to build a reputation and loyal fanship but there is always a shortcut.

Real TikTok followers from FeedPixel help save time and nerves. If you wish to spend more time on bringing TikTok ideas to life, and less worrying why no one is following you on TikTok, you will finally get your chance.

If you also need views or likes to your video, you can try out TikTok bundles.

#To become influencers

Because influencer marketing is known for five and six-figure sponsored posts, hardly anyone doesn’t want to become an influencer. Along with engagement, followers count is what brands are looking for when partnering with influencers for campaigns or social events. To gain visibility and reach, some people prefer to spend months on promotion, others choose to buy TikTok followers.

Once you reached a certain number of followers, you grow from tier to tier, and so do your earnings.

Tier 4 – nano influencer – 10 000 followers or less;

Tier 3 – micro influencer – 10 000 – 100 000 followers;

Tier 2 – mid-tier influencer – 100 000 – 500 000 followers;

Tier 1 – macro influencer – 500 000 and more;

Depending on the number of followers on your account you charge differently per sponsored posts. While new influencers often charge $25 – $100, TikTok megastars like Charli D’amelio and Zack King get millions into their wallets.  Use our TikTok Money Calculator to estimate your engagement and earnings.

#To grow the revenue

TikTok is not only about influencers but businesses who want to capture the attention of younger consumers. Not only big name brands like Chipotle, Gymshark, and NBA, but lesser-known like F’real Food, Spikeball, and Vessi are growing profiles on TikTok.

Many of them invest in influencer marketing as one of the ways to raise brand awareness, generate followers, and grow the revenue. As F’real discloses, it pays $400 – $450 per sponsored posts and averages 25% of engagement compared to 1.6% on other platforms.

But when more brands get on TikTok competing becomes harder. Although you can spend some time and money hiring influencers, buying TikTok followers gives your profile an organic boost.

If you are a marketer, a retailer, or an online store owner growing followers on TikTok is strongly suggested. This strengthens your brand reputation and sparks interest in potential customers.

TikTok Followers







TikTok Likes FAQ

How to get followers on TikTok?

Unsurprisingly the app with 800 million monthly active users is hard to beat. And because everyone is there, making a profile stand out is harder than you think. If you are lucky and your content is generating views, impressions, replays, and likes, your chances of growing TikTok followers fast are high. But if you struggle to get people to view videos, then prospects of gaining followers are low. Both ways, you may wonder how TikTok celebrities managed to go from a couple of hundreds of followers to millions, and how to get more followers on TikTok.

Besides consistent uploads and taking part in follow-for-follow campaigns, you can buy followers on TikTok. Whether you are just starting your TikTok career, or have spent some time (and money) filming viral ideas, buying followers on TikTok builds up recognition quickly.

What is the best site to buy TikTok followers?

When you buy TikTok followers, likes, or views it is important to know not only price but followers quality is also best. Real followers typically have their profiles filled out, and may have posts, followers, and likes of their own. Nearing 50 000 regular customers, FeedPixel has multiple reasons to make for the best place to buy TikTok followers.

  • Low prices on TikTok followers, or TikTok bundles;
  • 10 times more free TikTok views on any TikTok order;
  • Loyalty credits redeemed for discounts on every purchase;
  • Natural delivery speed is based on account age, activity, and other metrics;
  • Real TikTok users from worldwide locations (different IPs), gender and age;
  • Dedicated support agent for round-the-clock consulting;

Get to know us better by reading customer reviews or chatting to us. We won’t disappoint.

Can I buy TikTok followers for a business account?

Of course. Real TikTok followers from FeedPixel have already helped dropshipping store owners, fashion retailers, independent journalists, photographers, media figures, and YouTubers build their presence on TikTok.

Because TikTok is a new medium of younger consumers, famous brands like Calvin Klein, MAC Cosmetics, McDonald’s, and Netflix are speaking to fans through a short lip-sync videos, memes, and challenges. So, why not you?

Buying TikTok followers for your business is no different from buying them for personal profiles. All customer identities are kept private and no direct login or password is ever asked. We only need your TikTok username to deliver the followers.

Is buying TikTok followers safe?

Yes, for three big reasons. First, we never ask for your password or the email you registered the TikTok account with. Second, we use strong data encryption to keep your billing credentials safe. Third, we double check on your order adjusting the delivery speed to a specific profile metrics before sending you any followers.

We use only natural ways of delivery that are compliant with TikTok Terms and keeps your account free from suspension. All orders are handled by the team of dedicated social media experts monitoring any changes in the algorithm to secure a fast organic delivery.

Will the followers stay or can they decrease?

99% of customers who buy Tiktok followers from FeedPixel has never experienced any drop or decrease so far. Still, because people’s behavior is hard to predict it is possible that followers may decide to unfollow you at a certain point. There is also no guarantee of their engagement despite them being real users. Why?

Because those users are gained incentives for performing certain actions as viewing, liking, or following a creator. Once they get it fulfilled, they may change their mind. But there is nothing to worry about. If any drop occurred within the 30 days of purchase, we will refill it in full. Just drop us a line at [email protected], and we will be happy to sort it out.

What payments do you accept?

Here at FeedPixel, we strive to ensure flexible payments working with nearly 50 payment processors. You can buy TikTok followers with PayPal, all debit/credit cards, and cryptocurrency. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB, etc.

Choose the payment method that suits you best. Major crypto coins like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), Steller (XLM), Monero (XMR), etc). are accepted.

If you are unsure whether the payment system accepts certain types of cards or coins, try to make a transaction using them. If it keeps getting canceled, or you experience other technical issues feel free to reach out to support.

How fast is the delivery for TikTok followers?

Although it may depend on the size of the order, the standard delivery time is 12-48 hours or less. Soon after the transaction is made and went through our payment system, you will get an email from us with your order details. The delivery system automatically adjusts the speed individually to each account to make the delivery organic. Customers buy followers for TikTok from all around the world and always got ordered number of followers safely delivered. To help us deliver on time make sure you enter a valid and working URL link or type in a correct username. 

Buying more than 2500 TikTok followers at once while is not recommended, can be drip-fed. Drip feed delivery means splitting the size of an order into smaller batches of 100-250 followers to supply regularly for a longer period of time, or for a negotiated time. For any suggestions or queries contact us at [email protected].


I am not sure how user profiles differ but seems that these followers are real. Many of them have uploads (some really funny), followers and hundreds of likes. Not every account uploaded a photo though. But anyway quality is good.

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Guys approached me and asked to leave a review if I am happy with the service. And I do. They send followers in full amount, prices are capped at low, and support is always responsive. These guys know how to do business with people <3

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