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Hey YouTubers! If you are tired of seeing near-zero likes no matter how hard you try, Pixel is happy to change it. Hundreds of creators buy YouTube likes to bring more exposure and engagement to their videos. Why not you? Transparent pricing with no hidden fees, responsive support, and quality likes from real accounts is what keeps 3000+ FeedPixel customers coming back.


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How To Buy YouTube Likes

Dozens of YouTubers, vloggers, and business owners are buying YouTube likes from FeedPixel to generate leads and improve content’s engagement and reach. We keep prices at bay, assign a personal agent to each customer, and allow loyalty points for up to 90% discounts. The best site to YouTube likes is here. Follow the steps below to place your first order.

Step 1

Choose the amount of YouTube likes you want to buy (100-10 000). New channels with less content prefer likes in smaller amounts (up to 1000 likes).

Step 2

Provide a valid and working(!) URL link to your video, and make sure the account/video is public. We don’t ask for a password to keep accounts safe.

Step 3

Complete the Checkout step, buying YouTube likes with PayPal, major cards, or cryptocurrency coins. Your billing data is safely encrypted and kept private.

Why FeedPixel

We make sure all customers get the package they need. Use YouTube Package Builder to tailor the order to your budget and needs. As a customer you gain loyalty points every time you buy YouTube likes, views, or subscribers. Apply those points to discount the price, enjoy real YouTube likes, and safe organic delivery – choose FeedPixel. To learn more read our reviews here.


We strive to deliver YouTube likes within 12-48 hours or less regardless of location, time of the day, or the package ordered.


Transparent pricing, dedicated support, manual processing, and stable organic delivery is what sets FeedPixel service from hundreds of others.


Real YouTube likes appearing on new videos help the algorithm discover your content. In turn, increased visibility leads to organic growth.


With no password asked and all likes coming from real users of different age, gender, and locations FeedPixel’s delivery is natural and safe.


Buy YouTube likes with PayPal, credit/debit cards, or cryptocurrency, whichever suits you best. FeedPixel works with 50+ payment processors.


Reach us out 24 hours, 7 days a week via the Live Chat Support, make a Free Call at 8-800, or Order a Call Back from a customer service specialist.

Reasons To Buy YouTube Likes

Curious why people buy likes on YouTube? We will list the most common reasons why buying likes on YouTube videos makes more sense than you might think.

#1 Buy YouTube likes to improve video rankings

Type in any phrase or a keyword into the YouTube search and you will get an endless stream of videos on this particular topic or dozens of similar ones. How hard it must be to find a YouTube video idea that has fewer than 50 different videos on it? If you are new to YouTube you must have learned how hard it is to push your videos above the couple of likes. It takes months if not years for some videos to see hundreds of users liking, commenting, or sharing their content. Not surprisingly, your video gets low rankings and notice because of little engagement. Purchasing YouTube likes can improve your video rankings, and put you higher in search results.

#2 Improve channel authority getting likes on YouTube

Have you ever paid attention to how many likes and views are on the channel? It usually shows up under the About tab. Along with the channel’s age and watch time, likes are the key players in YouTuber’s success. Naturally, the more viewers are liking your videos the more value they have, right? That is why buying likes on YouTube on a regular basis pushes your video rankings, brings you exposure, and greatly improves the channel’s authority.

#3 Boost channel engagement and monetization

Nearly all social media platforms rank users based on the number of views, likes, comments, and followers they get. YouTube is no different. Because critical factors like video quality, editing, and optimization are subjective, YouTube measures creator’s worth by cold hard engagement rate. But even then, not every video gets attention it deserves no matter the hard work creators put in. For many YouTubers no engagement also means no paycheck and no business. That is when some quit and others turn to social media services like FeedPixel to buy YouTube likes and game the algorithm. When done consistently buying YouTube video likes helps keep subscribers engaged and attracts more views organically. You’ve probably guessed already its effect on channel monetization. But don’t take our word for it check it yourself.

#4 Reach more people through YouTube

2+ billion people use YouTube every month to watch favourite shows, learn subjects, and search for products and brands. YouTube is the second search engine after Google. No wonder it pays off being on YouTube today. In the race against bigger YouTubers and established brands, new creators often buy YouTube likes to reach bigger audiences. What’s more, uploading quality content to YouTube and ranking for target keywords helps rank in Google’s search results. So, more people are reached.

#5 Grow views, likes, and subscribers organically

Proven by hundreds of thousands of YouTube likes, your channel is likely to gain more views, likes, and subscribers down the road. Organically. The “social proof” effect backed up by the top psychologists, could explain why the YouTube algorithm favors “engaging” content. True as people use YouTube as a search engine, they are far more likely to watch videos from popular channels. Largely because they wonder what other viewers find interesting in them. Although getting to the top of the algorithm is no one-day’s job, it is faster and easier with likes from a credible source.

#6 Buy YouTube likes cheap and cheerful

Speaking of the best website to buy YouTube likes, FeedPixel is the most reputable among million others. We take pride in making genuine likes affordable for every budget and need. When you buy YouTube likes cheap, not always the results are seen. Most of the time you get cheap bot likes, with high drop, and no refill. YouTubers often get scammed with no likes coming in whatsoever. There is also a risk you get hacked if the service asks for your password. Also, getting hundreds of thousands of YouTube likes out of nowhere may result in account suspension or ban. Unless you buy likes not only cheap but from reliable sites.

#7 Drive traffic from YouTube to your site or blog

Many YouTubers are also bloggers, freelancers, and small business owners who want to drive traffic to their shops, blogs, and landing pages. But before you get a few people signing up for your course or buy merch, you have to catch their attention among the million other creators with similar videos. Getting started with uploads is only half of a deal. Buying YouTube likes from the start can help you grow views and engagement to rank your videos higher in search results. And once you gained enough views and subscribers chances are you will see an increase in traffic.

YouTube Likes







FeedPixel FAQ | YouTube Likes

Can you buy likes on YouTube?

Yes. Buying likes on YouTube is nothing new for hundreds of creators around the world. It is not the question whether you can buy likes on YouTube but where to purchase them. There are both legit and scammy services which provide like for YouTube. Real likes help creators quickly move forward getting new views and likes organically.

Then again, be sure to buy YouTube likes only if you really need them. Buying likes is not a one-time solution. While it helps videos get noticed, the likes have the most impact when added regularly. It is suggested you purchase certain amount of  likes if:

  • You want to build brand’s presence on YouTube;
  • Become influencer and live off YouTube paychecks;
  • You see no comments or  likes, or any engagement despite regular uploads;

Is buying YouTube likes legal?

Because there are no laws that call buying YouTube likes illegal, we assume it is. That said, many views, likes, and subscribers are bought from scammy services which use bots to artificially boost the number of likes on certain videos. 

Choosing the legit provider is key to keeping accounts safe and staying within terms of YouTube. Before choosing a provider, pay close attention to key factors in getting likes.

  • The price (much as you want real likes cost more than bot likes);
  • Delivery time (1k likes in 5 minutes? Is this natural?)
  • Customer reviews (what experiences others have with this provider?)

Will I get banned if I buy YouTube likes?

No. YouTube prohibits artificial technology that tricks people into watching videos and the use of bots. Knowing that, FeedPixel makes sure all viewers give consent and are actually eager to watch new content that matches their needs. When you buy YouTube likes we promote your video to our user base which decides if that interests them or not. 

Also, the delivery speed remains natural on all YouTube orders and at all times. This typically takes between 12-48 hours or less depending on the size of the order. Once an algorithm update happens, the FeedPixel developers team leaps into action adjusting the orders system so that the delivery is smooth and safe. To top that all, no password is asked, which ensures account safety and customer trust at FeedPixel.

Do you need my password or login credentials?

As said above, FeedPixel never asks for a password, making it safe to buy likes. Keep in mind, if the service is asking for a password, or a direct access to YouTube channel chances are you get hacked. A legit provider of YouTube likes delivers them from the outside of your account.

What is the best site to buy YouTube likes?

FeedPixel has the right to be the best place to buy YouTube likes for the following reasons. 

  • Low prices on all TikTok services;
  • Flexible discounts from every purchase;
  • Helpline support round the clock;
  • High quality TikTok likes from real users;
  • Safe and organic delivery guaranteed;
  • All-inclusive TikTok bundles for influencers and brands;
  • Easy billing via PayPal, credit cards, or crypto coins;
  • Complete customer privacy (no identities disclosed).

Click around to learn more about the service and how we treat our customers. You won’t be surprised why 89% are repeat customers at FeedPixel.

How fast is the delivery?

We strive to be quick on the delivery as much as it keeps the likes natural. Regular time for delivery is 12-48 hours although it may take longer on bigger orders, orders with technical issues (wrong link, incomplete info, system failure), and first-time orders. Because the processing and delivery is done manually, it is easy to keep the likes you bought coming organically. Individual delivery speed is calculated automatically and then manually adjusted by an assigned social media agent.

If you have any questions about YouTube likes or the service feel free to drop us a line at [email protected]

Will the likes drop?

No.Different from other services selling fake likes from bot accounts, FeedPixel strives to provide only quality likes from real YouTube accounts. Despite users liking a video on purpose, it would be unusual for them to unlike it later on. The estimated drop in the number of YouTube likes is close to 0.03%. Thus, only 3 users out of 100 clients may see the decrease in the number of likes they purchased. Still, we take care of that by allowing 30-day free refills so that you can buy YouTube likes carefree.

How to pay for YouTube likes?

We are happy to welcome clients from 53 different countries and are dealing with dozens of payment systems. You can buy real likes with PayPal, all major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB, etc), or pay with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin (BTC), (Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Libra (LIBRA), Monero (XMR), and other coins are accepted. If you are getting payment cancelled, experience other payment issues, or have other questions, feel free to reach out to the support team.


I buy likes a couple of times each week and like that my channel has twice as many likes and views than it had three months ago

V. Garna

Tried yt likes. Good deal for money. Seeing increase in views


Thank u guys. I can’t believe my video jumped 15+ points up since last time. Just try to be a bit faster next time <3


I buy all service from pixel, it never got any trouble. Satisfied

Anna Pine

I was wondering how you that magic?! I’ve recently launched my channel and clearly had no views, likes, or anything. I tried hard without results for like half a year. Judge me but I bought 2k likes in batches and it worked. Today getting my tenth video (of course getting likes:)

Miguel Iglesias