Buy TikTok Likes [Real & Non-Drop Likes]

What’s up TikTokers! Trying to get more likes on TikTok with zero effect? Pixel has the solution for you. You can buy TikTok likes to boost viewers engagement and bring in new followers from the get-go. Enjoy flexible discounts on every purchase, fast and organic delivery of real TikTok likes with impressions and reach. Let’s make your day on TikTok!


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TikTok Bundle Packages

Rather than buying three different products, get all-inclusive TikTok bundles packed with optimum number of TikTok fans, likes and views. Save up to 30% of a regular TikTok product prices when choosing your optimized bundle. Let your TikTok ambitions take off the ground today.

If none of the bundles are suitable for you –  please use our TikTok Bundle Builder.

Bundle #1

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  • 100+ TikTok Fans
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  • 2000+ TikTok Views

Bundle #2

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  • 500+ TikTok Fans
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  • 5000+ TikTok Views
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Bundle #3

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  • 10000+ TikTok Views

Bundle #4

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How To Buy TikTok Likes

If you want to improve your engagement, double, triple, and skyrocket the number of likes on TikTok, FeedPixel is the best way to reach your goals fast. When you are ready to buy TikTok likes simply follow the steps below. It won’t take more than just a couple of minutes to place the order.

Step 1

Choose a TikTok package with 100 – 10 000 likes.  If you also need TikTok views or followers, we suggest you buy TikTok bundles, or use TikTok Bundle Builder.

Step 2

Paste the URL link to your video.  If more than 500 TikTok likes are purchased, we can split those amounts between 2-5 posts. No password required for order.

Step 3

Decide if you want to buy TikTok likes with PayPal, cards, or cryptocurrency. Over 50 payment processors we work with are used in 93 countries and regions. 


Let’s make sure you’ve got the best bet. Watch easy-to-digest video guide helping you buy high quality TikTok Likes in less than 5 minutes.

Why Us

Do you have to choose between quality and quantity? Not any more! FeedPixel makes sure every customer gets real TikTok likes at the most affordable price. Loyalty credits let you buy TikTok likes in any amounts, getting discounts on every purchase you make. Add up dedicated support, easy payment, and safe organic delivery and you know the reasons why over 100 000 TikTok users choose to buy from FeedPixel. Not convinced? Read customer reviews below


We drive your TikTok likes within 12 – 48 hours or less. No worries about location, time of the day, or the package ordered. Buying TikTok likes is easy and fast.


New influencers and TikTok celebrities trust FeedPixel because of the privacy promise and secure data encryption. We keep your order details locked up with us.


When you buy TikTok likes from FeedPixel you can be sure you get real human likes from users with interactions and reach. You never risk being suspended or hacked.


Whether you want to become a TikTok star, or promote your business, real likes from TikTok users help to grow profile engagement organically.


Cheapest prices on high-quality Instagram followers and natural delivery ensure our customers’ satisfaction, high loyalty rating, and credible business profiles.


Contact us 24/7 via the Live Chat, drop a line at [email protected], make a Free Call at 8-800, or Order a Call Back from a helpline support agent.

Reasons To Buy TikTok Likes

#1 More views and likes organically

Everyone would agree getting likes on TikTok is not an easy task. Naturally, the newer you are to TikTok, the less likes you have on your account. Yet the number of likes, comments, and shares on a video indicates how engaged viewers are, and given close attention by TikTok algorithm. Your video gets a quick organic boost when you buy TikTok likes.

Once the likes appear on video, it gets pushed to other users who are likely to watch, like, and follow or comment. This quickly increases the engagement rate and creator’s popularity.

After all, wouldn’t you be tempted to glance at a video with million TikTok likes on it?

#2 Improved profile authority and reach

Not so long a new app in town, TikTok is a little short of a billion app users. With a whopping 800 million monthly users, it is hardly surprising that brands speak to consumers on TikTok.

Besides the usual presence on Facebook and Instagram, big-name labels like Chipotle, Red Bull, Fortnite, Guess, and other multimillion-dollar companies dominate TikTok. In June 2020, TikTok has officially announced the launch of TikTok for Business, empowering new and established businesses.

With a rather fast-growing number of household names, buying likes on TikTok helps build brand awareness and quickly grow the audience. Yet not only companies but also influencers buy TikTok likes to grow authority and land lucrative deals with the brands

#3 Less time spent on promotion

Despite a relatively higher engagement on TikTok than other social media marketing platforms, not every video goes viral. While emerging influencers spend months to build feasible following and keep viewers engaged, some creators prefer to buy likes on TikTok.

Indeed, buying TikTok likes alone won’t make all the difference, but it surely leaves more time for content creation. When big companies have a whole department working on video marketing, the majority of TikTok influencers not only find TikTok ideas themselves but spend hours planning campaigns. They often find themselves commenting, liking, and following other creators with little to no effect on their own engagement and rankings.

Why not buy TikTok likes and save time for a ton of viral ideas for TikTok?

#4 More money from campaigns

Both brands and influencers on TikTok rip the benefits of viral campaigns like #InMyDenim, #Boorito, #OHYearChristmas, etc. Launching the #InMyDenim challenge Guess has recruited @ourfire creators Chriss Kerr Rio and Sharla May; Chipotle for its #Boorito campaign sponsored Zach King, Jeffpom, and Brittany Broski. All hashtag challenges generated millions of views, countless followers, and raised the revenue.

As an influencer, growing views and likes count should be a priority. Brands already know that people buy TikTok followers to get famous. Now they are taking a closer look at the profile’s engagement rate before reaching out for sponsored posts. To prove popularity and catch marketers’ eyes creators often buy TikTok likes.

Curious how much you could make off TikTok, or whether the likes and views on your profile are enough to charge hefty commissions? Simply check your TikTok engagement and earnings with our TikTok Money Calculator.

TikTok Likes







TikTok Likes FAQ

What are the benefits of buying TikTok likes?

One of the most obvious reasons new creators buy TikTok likes is engagement growth. Proven by both influencers and brands that the more TikTok likes you have the faster you gain new views and likes. 

In turn, improving engagement you grow profile authority and have more chances to score a sponsorship from popular brands. TikTok algorithm also takes notice of creators with a high engagement rate. Their videos are likely to get featured on the front page of TikTok attracting more views, profile visits, and followers. Don’t take our word for it – read customer reviews to see if buying TikTok likes worth it.

Is it safe to buy TikTok likes?

If the service delivers only real likes and uses natural delivery methods. Many providers suggest you buy TikTok likes instant, but should you? From the years of watching the algorithm updates, FeedPixel knows getting hundreds of TikTok likes all at once may get you blacklisted. 

For a better and more organic effect, buy likes on TikTok in smaller amounts over a longer period of time. The number of likes you get can be steadily increased as you grow your followers count, and skyrocket your video views. Over 16 million likes are supplied by FeedPixel, and no account has been suspended. Why not place your order now?

What is the best site to buy TikTok likes?

We don’t like to brag but FeedPixel meets all the criteria of the best place to buy TikTok likes.

Here are the reasons why you might want to stick around for long.

  • Low prices on all TikTok services;
  • Flexible discounts from every purchase;
  • Helpline support round the clock;
  • High quality TikTok likes from real users;
  • Safe and organic delivery guaranteed;
  • All-inclusive TikTok bundles for influencers and brands;
  • Easy billing via PayPal, credit cards, or crypto coins;
  • Complete customer privacy (no identities disclosed).

Get to know us better by reading customer reviews, or placing your order for TikTok likes. You won’t be surprised why 87% of the clients are repeat customers.

Which TikTok package is best to buy?

Any package is good, but some may be more suitable depending on your posting activity, number of followers, and budget. For those who are new to TikTok, or have little activity and a handful of followers, we advise to buy no more than 1000 likes in one order. But this does not mean you cannot buy several times.

In fact, rather than buying 1000 or 2500 TikTok likes one time, you may buy two-three times by 500. This creates a stable growth effect, which won’t go unnoticed by the algorithm. 

Made of TikTok followers, views, and likes in natural proportions, TikTok bundles are perfect solutions for emerging influencers and brands struggling to grow their accounts naturally.

Will the likes drop or decrease?

No. While it may happen when you buy fake likes, it is unlikely to happen with real TikTok likes. It is not typical of real users to like videos and then go back and unlike. As recent stats shows, 63% of TikTok users liked at least one video a month. Would they all rewatch those videos only to take back their likes?

Besides, we tend to overdeliver when you buy TikTok views, likes, or followers. From dozens of orders placed daily on FeedPixel, hardly anyone complained about the likes drop. If you feel that the number of likes you bought from us has decreased within 30 days of your purchase, drop us a line at [email protected] and we will refill.

How to get more TikTok likes?

Wondering how to get more likes on TikTok organically? Let’s sum up what actions you could be taking to make viewers like your videos. 

    1. Use trending hashtags. Certain hashtags like #memes and #tiktokchallenge generate billions of views. 
    2. Add popular TikTok songs and sounds. Some sounds created by TikTok users, and others went viral thanks to celebrities on TikTok. 
    3. Push TikTok videos to other social media platforms. Share to Instagram, Facebook, and if you have, to a YouTube channel. 
    4. Make duet videos. What’s better than one amazing creator? Two! Unlike other apps, TikTok allows maximum creativity and freedom.
    5. Go Live often. When you go Live, your fans get notified. Keep followers engaged by showing your whereabouts, expressing gratitude, or commenting on TikTok trends.
    6. Buy TikTok likes, followers, and views to not only save time but to engage existing followers and gain new ones.
    7. Focus on making videos fun. Use different filters, add text, and stickers. 

There is no universal solution though. If you really want to get more likes on TikTok, you have to put in some serious efforts. Learn more about how to become TikTok famous.

Can I buy TikTok Likes with PayPal?

Yes. Once you have chosen the package and provided the link, you will land on the Checkout page. You can buy TikTok likes and pay with PayPal, all major crypto coins (Bitcoin (BTC), (Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin Cash (BCH),  Litecoin (LTC), Steller (XLM), Tether (USDT), Monero (XMR)). All major credit/debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay, JCB, etc. are also accepted. 

While making a transaction, you can be sure your data is safe with us. The system automatically creates a personal account as soon as the order is placed. From there only you could see the order status and purchasing history. We use safe 256-bit encryption to protect customer data.

How fast is the delivery?

It is fast and organic. Regular delivery time is 12-48 hours, but most customers get in less time.

As soon as the processing is done, your likes will roll out your way. 

If you want to buy TikTok likes instant, you risk a video being removed by TikTok and your account suspended. FeedPixel keeps the delivery at its natural speed which depends on your posting activity, engagement rate, and the age of your account. 

At the end of the day, the best place to buy likes on TikTok is not which delivers instantly, but safely.


As a food blogger, TikTok is my #1 platform for inspo and traffic. I rarely buy likes cuz most of it I get easily. But from time to time I see views and likes going down, and the i buy both to keep engagement stable. It truly helps

Ramone Haynes

Thanks to feed pixel I was able to keep my viewers engaged for over a year. Starting at TikTok wasn’t a problem, but keeping it was. Today I live off TikTok donations and sponsored posts and have no need to buy anything as engagement is high on its own. But back then I almost quit because no likes came in for months. Highly recommend to future influencers.

Brendon Brady

There’s no service which has tiktok bundles! I like because its a real deal

Marilyn Rich

My watchers are not liking posts (English is not my native language sorry). I use filters, memes, hashtags, all. So I buy likes and then people give more likes. Cool

Aadam Crossley

Buying TikTok likes may be a questionable action but it is better than quitting tik tok when your best buds are hanging out there. Not we all laugh together getting a mix of paid and organic likes 😝

Sabah Drew